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MaxxAir RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA00A04301K Review

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Review of MaxxAir RV Vents and Fans MA00A04301K

Today we're going to be taking a look at the MaxAir max fan. This is going to do a great job at drawing out stale air, smoky, or hot air from your RV. If you would like to use this as a ceiling fan you can actually close the lid and the motor will continue to run and circulate air within the RV cabin. It does feature a 4-speed design that's going to allow you to get the fan speed you desire. The blade unit on the system, that's going to be a 10 blade design, and it's going to give us a diameter of 12-inches. I do have the lid fully open, so with it installed this would extend above the roof in the fully opened position by about 12 1/4-inches.

With this fully closed, it would extend above the roof by about 4 1/4-inches. Here on the internal components you'll see that it has this double brace design. These are just two lifting arms that are going to provide sturdy support for the lid when it's open. That's going to help withstand high winds without fluttering, and it can remain fully opened while you're driving. It's also got the nice rubber seal that goes around the opening to keep out dirt and moisture. To get it closed, it does use a manual hand knob operation located right here.

You'd pull that knob out, and then you would turn the knob to close the lid. Now this knob is going to feature a locked and unlocked position, so right now the knob is pulled out, so that's unlocked. That allows us to rotate it. When we have the lid in the position we want, we just push that knob back in to move it to a locked position. You'll also notice that located right here, this is going to be your on and off button. That's a flush mounted keypad, and that's going to allow you to turn the fan on and off.

Then the other button is going to allow you to switch between 4 different speeds. Again, you can get the fan speed that you desire. It's going to come with the roof flange, or interior trim piece, or garnish. That's going to give the unit a really nice look even from inside the RV, so it's got a just clean finished design to it. It's also going to come with an insect screen.

That's going to help keep out unwanted items. That can be removed for easy cleaning. The tabs that hold it in place simply just rotate out of the way and then you can remove this screen from the unit. It's also going to feature these waterproof molded mounting tabs that are going to allow for fast and tool free installation of a MaxAir fan mate vent cover. That is sold separately. The lid is going to be white in color. This is designed to install into a standard RV roof opening of 14-inches by 14-inches. It's designed to fit a minimum roof thickness of 2-inches to a maximum roof thickness of 6 1/2-inches. Now, it does require a minimum 12-volt DC 5 amp service. It's going to come with the necessary connectors. It's going to come with 2 butt connectors to get your wires connected. The fan is going to use a two wire design. White one is going to be for ground, black one is going to be for power. Then it's going to come with all the necessary mounting hardware. You're going to get this bag here that comes with the butt connectors and the mounting screws to get everything fully installed. Overall it's a really nice unit. A few more measurements I want to give you. Measuring front to back that's going to measure 16 1/2-inches. Then measuring side to side, that's about 18 1/8-inches. That's going to do it for today's look at the MaxAir max fan with the white lid.

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