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Maxxair RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA00-03801 Review

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Review of Maxxair RV Vents and Fans MA00-03801

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the MaxxAir mini deluxe trailer roof vent with the 12 volt fan. The MaxxAir mini roof vent is designed for powered bathroom and galley vents. It protects against rain, bugs, and debris whether the vent is open or closed.Now it does feature a 12 volt DC powered exhaust fan with one speed. So it's very quiet and energy efficient. It does a great job at getting odors and stale air to escape. It also features an integrated rain shield.

This prevents rainwater from entering your RV or trailer. And that unit eliminates the need to install a separate vent cover. The top of the unit is white in color.Now one of my favorite features about this system is not only does it have the 12 volt DC fan, but it also has the LED lighting that goes around that fan portion. So that's a really cool design. So it has cool white LED lighting.

It's awesome for nighttime or accent lighting. And I'll run power to the unit here in a moment. That way you can see the fan in action and see the lighting.Also I want to point out that this is just the bottom of the unit. So this is the portion that would be visible from inside your RV or trailer. It has the air baffle manual control right here.

So you can open and close that with a slide of the lever. And then your knob for controlling the fan and the lighting. Again, one speed design. So you have fan only. You have light only.

And then you have combination of fan and light.So I'll go over all of that in a moment. And then it has the bug screen to keep insects out. It's easy to remove for cleaning and for maintenance. And then we also have the nice protective shield that goes over the LED lighting to keep those lights safe and secure.Now once installed it provides a seamless, low-profile appearance. Again, the top of the unit is white in color. This unit easily installs into any 14 inch by 14 inch opening. It comes with the top, the middle, and the lower sections. So you get the portion that actually goes on the roof. That's the flange. And then you get the sleeve, or kind of that leg garnish. And then on the bottom you have your actual garnish which is the portion that's visible from inside of the RV or trailer.The only thing not included is really silicone sealant. That is sold separately. And it is needed to seal around each mount hole, and to seal around the exterior perimeter of the unit. But it does come with all of your necessary installation hardware. It comes with your wiring connectors and so on. It also includes detailed installation instructions to help walk you through the whole process step by step.Now the actual fan diameter is six inches. This unit is designed to fit roofs with a thickness of one inch to four and a half inches. The overall measurements - It's a square design measuring about 16 & 1/2 inches by 16 & 1/2 inches. And once installed it sits about four to four and one-eighth inches above the roof.So I'm going to go ahead and run power to it. And then I'm going to turn off the overhead lighting when I talk about the LED lighting of the unit. So it's a two wire design. You have a white wire which is your negative wire. So I've got my wires feeding out the back of the unit here. I do want to go ahead and take it apart. So, again, you have your upper piece. And then you have your middle piece, which is just that sleeve or leg. And then you have the lower piece or the portion that's visible from inside.This is where our fan and LEDs are located. So I wanted to take it apart and show you all that. All the wiring is very secure. It has these little slots where you can feed the wiring out without pinching any of the wires. So that's a nice design of the unit. Again, like I said, it's a two wire design. The white wire is our ground wire. And then the black wire is our power wire.So let me go ahead and hook up the power wire. And then we'll turn it on and you can see how it looks and how it sounds. Going to zoom out a little bit for you. And then we'll flip this up so you can see what I'm doing here. So, right here we have our control knob. Now I have the air baffle in the open position. So this is our fan. Really quiet design. And then you flip it over one more. That's going to be your LED lighting. And then you give it one more turn and it's a combination of LED lighting and the fan.So let me turn off our overhead lights. And you can see that LED lighting. It provides a really neat accent. Really nice design. You've got multiple LEDs or multiple diodes. And then fan only. And then off.That's going to do it for today's look at the MaxxAir mini deluxe trailer roof vent with the 12 volt fan and LED lighting.

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