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Review of Maxxair RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA00-03810B

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Maxxair RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA00-03810B Review

Today we're going to take a look at the MaxxFan six inch diameter dome plus roof vent with a 12 volt fan and the LED lighting. Now this roof vent with the fan, you can control ventilation and moisture in small areas inside your RV or camper. This is perfect size for bathroom showers, and it is designed for you to rooftop or sidewall applications. This does include everything shown here on the table, the MaxxFan dome, the LED trim ring, six inch extension sleeve, and the fan guard.Now this is a six inch exhaust only fan, has a manual lift lid, the little lock and unlock with a single hand push button right here, so when you go to open it, you just push in and it'll lift it up, and then your fans right in there, and then when you go to close it, just push the button and pull it down. Very easy to open or close. It does offer removable screens for easy cleaning, and what's nice is on the inside when you install this, this would be your interior trim ring, that once this is installed will go around it.

It offers you a nice stylish LED lighting on this interior trim ring, allows you to operate your vent in the dark. At the end of this video I'm going to hook the LED ring up to some power to show you how bright it is and then we're going to hook the fan up to show you the fan operating.Now it does come with this matching fan guard, and that's used for sidewall applications. The reason they do that, is when this comes through at the side, you can put this fan guard on there and that'll actually prevent any weather, from debris from getting into your fan. But it also protects from any accidental contact with the fan blades, because you can see when you open this, those blades are right in there, so you don't want anybody touching those.Few specs on this, it's again designed to fit roofs or walls with a minimum thickness of one inch up to a maximum thickness of six inches. Now it does include this extension sleeve if your roof or wall is thicker than one inch.

If it's four inches thick, you'll just measure off, cut it off, and use this as an extension that would go between your fan and your ring there. Now this is designed to fit into a six and one quarter inch diameter opening. The voltage on this is 12 volts. Comes with a nice set of detailed instructions on how to install it, how it operates. It comes with the mounting screws to install it.What we're going to do now is go ahead and hook this up to some 12 volt power.

We'll go ahead and hook our white wire up to their ground, and then we'll hook our black wire up to our power. Then we'll go ahead and turn on our power. You can hear the fan operating. Let me go ahead and push this to open it. And the fans blowing in there.

There is an on and off button right here. If you push it, that'll click it off. If you push it again, then the fan starts up, really moves the air. You can see it blowing, really moves a lot of air. Going to go ahead and turn that back off.Now what I'm going to do is move this over to our light. Make sure we get our connections right. 12 volt powered at a black, white is our ground. That also has a push button just like the fan does. You can see when you push the ring, the light will come on. Go ahead and turn off the overhead light, you can see it's a very bright LED light. Again, that'll be on the inside underneath the fan. Push it for off, push it again for on. Turn back on our overhead lights. Turn off our power.But that should do it for the review on the Maxxfan six inch diameter dome plus roof vent with the 12 volt fan and the LED lighting.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Al S.

excellent video! Any Idea what the CFM is?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Victoria B.

The MaxxFan Dome Plus Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan # MA00-03810B has a capacity of 200 CFM.

Bryan P.

Is this available in a variable speed or with a thermostat like in the 14 deluxe models? I dont need the larger size in my smaller tear trailer, but still like those other features. Could a dimmer switch/controller be added to create a lower fan setting? Is there a thermostat that could be installed with it to turn the fan on or off?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

I wish there was, but there isn't a variable speed version of the MaxxFan # MA00-03810B . Unfortunately I don't believe a dimmer switch would work to change the fan speed.

Reply from Bryan P.

@ChrisR Thanks for your reply. Perhaps you could answer this question a different way. Is the on-off switch for the fan hard-wired or is it a relay? If the unit loses power, does the switch reset to off or can I control the on/off functionality from a separate switch?

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