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Review of Maxxair RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA00-03810W

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Maxxair RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA00-03810W Review

Ellen: Hey everyone I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the MaxxFan Dome Plus Roof Vent. This is going to be a small roof vent. That's going to allow you to get the moisture and hot air out of your RV so you can get everything cooled down and keep that moisture buildup to a minimum. So it works out well for areas like your kitchen, your bathroom, and your showers. It's just going to be this small six diameter vent.

It is manually operated, so we'll just have this little button and the handle to close this and also to open it back up. So once it's mounted in place it's a little bit more sturdy, but that's basically the idea there is it just pops up into place and lets that air escape. Now this can be mounted on your roof or on a side wall.If you are going to be mounting it on the sidewall, you'll definitely want to be using the cover here, this little cowl and make sure that the solid side is facing up, that way it's going to protect our fan from anything getting in there, any dirt or debris and any water from coming in. So keeps everything protected, but also still allows that air flow to operate. It's going to come with the mounting hardware and two wire nuts to connect our positive and negative on our fan itself.

And it also comes with an extension. So if you have a roof or wall, that's thicker than an inch, this is going to be the extension that you need to span that gap. And then it also comes with a trim ring and this lights up as well. So we can have a little bit of light to help us see where the handle is and operate everything especially important if we do have it extended out, so we can see what we're working with.So I'm going to hook this up to power and ground real quick. You can see the fan and action and hear how loud it is.

So I've got my ground going to my white wire, power goes to my black wire and then there's just a little push button here on the inside, lets us turn on and off our fan, but I need to turn my power source on first, here we go. Now I can turn this on, and you can hear how loud that fan is. So it moves a pretty good amount of air and this is only an exhaust fan. So you can't reverse the direction of the fan to make it pull air into your RV. It's just going to push air out.

Hence, that exhaust function. I'm also going to hook up our trim ring here. So you can see that light in action as well.So I'm just going to hook that up with all my stuff. And then this again, push button turns that on, turn off the light in my studio. So you can get an idea of how bright that is. So not blinding, which is great since you're probably going to be looking at it. So it's going to be nice and easy to see, but also still give you a good amount of light to be able to see everything without being blinded, also would make a nice nightlight inside your bathroom, if you want to go that route as well. I'll unconnect or unhook everything here and we'll talk about measurements real quick.Our fan does have a removable screen, so you can clean that out as it gets gunked-up with leaves and debris and maybe some bugs have tried to make their way inside your RV. And also has a removable fuse here as well. So it is going to be fuse protected. That is a five amp fuse and this works with 12 volt systems. Now, again, this is a six inch diameter fan. So six inches in diameter. That's going to be the inner diameter there. For our outer measurement, it's about eight and a half inches in diameter for this outer ring. For our lid, it's more like, excuse me for our outer ring it's more like nine inches. And then this inner top ring is about eight inches. The handle, it's about five and three quarter inches long. So definitely enough space to get anybody's hand in there to push that up. Our extension is about six inches tall, the outer diameter for our light ring or a trim ring. It's about nine inches from outer edge to outer edge and just about an inch thick.The collar going on the outside, outer diameter for that is about 10 inches, about 10 and a quarter. The top here it's about eight and a half. And then the sticks out from our wall by about two and a half inches. So I hope that gives you an idea of what this fits, how big everything is and whether or not this is going to be right for you, but that's pretty much it with our look at the MaxxFan Dome Plus Roof Vent with LEDs. Hope this video has been helpful deciding if this is going to be the right thing for you. If not, we have a lot of options available here at, so definitely check them out. Thanks for watching. And we'll see you next time.

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