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Review of Maxxair RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA86JR

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Maxxair RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA86JR Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this MaxxAir II RV and trailer roof vent cover with the EZClip installation, and this is in the black color. Now, this roof vent cover is for your RV or your camper, and enables you to open the vent and operate the fan in any weather. It allows air to circulate at all times, even when you're away or sleeping. Also helps keep rainwater from entering or damaging your RV interior, and it'll help prevent any heat buildup.

I want to zoom in and just show you, you can see it's a nice, sleek aerodynamic design, so it does reduce wind resistance. And it's made of a durable, high-density polyethylene construction, which is also UV resistant. Now, the large vent area right here on the back of the cover helps maximize air flow, and they use angled louvers, which allow the smoke, odors, and stale air to escape. And what's nice on this side, you can see on both sides, it has these side vents with the, also the angled louvers to create cross ventilation. And it does give you twice the size of vent area compared to your standard covers.

And we mentioned the EZClips, you can see there's two on each side, they make it very simple to open or remove the cover for any roof vent maintenance. No tools are needed. This is designed to fit the 2015 and newer MaxxFan and MaxxFan Plus roof vents that have the mounting tabs on them. And it's designed for these clips right here to attach to those mounting tabs. There's no drilling required for installation on the MaxxFan or MaxxFan Plus roof vents.

To open it up, all you have to do is pull the pins. There's a pin here at the top, and you can see a pin on the other one. You just pull those pins out of the cover and it'll allow you to raise it up. To close it, just slide the pins back in. Push them to lock in place.

Now, this MaxxAir II cover is best suited for low-powered, which is four speeds your less fans, your roof vents. And that includes the MaxxFan vents and certain MaxxFan Plus vents. Now, this is a very simple installation over your roof vent. There's no need to drill into the roof of your RV or trailer. Now, this cover can be used on other brands of roof vents and fans, but it will require drilling into the vent or the fan's frame. It basically is designed, these clips here, they are designed to mount onto the frame of the roof vent or the fan using the included hardware right here. Now, you can see it is a nice black color. It is made in the USA. Few specs, again, it's designed to fit most standard 14 inch by 14 inch stock size roof vents. Does come with a nice set of instructions that'll describe how this installs. And the last thing I wanna do is just give you some overall dimensions. And we'll first start with the overall height, so the tallest point is gonna be right back here. So, what I'm gonna do is take a flat edge and put it on there, so we can get an accurate measurement. And then if we get our tape measure, so you can see that at the very top, your height is gonna be 9 3/4 inches, about 9 3/4 inches tall. And then to get the length and the width, I'm gonna go ahead and flip it over. Give you a better view. So, the length will be from this end to this end. If we put our tape measure on it, you can see it's gonna be right at 22 inches long. And the width on it is right at 17 1/2 inches wide. But again, you can see there's your two clips on each side. Let me just go ahead and flip this back over. But that should do it for the review on this MaxxAir II RV and trailer roof vent cover in the black color with the EZClip installation..

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