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Review of NOCO Battery Chargers - Battery Charger - 329-GENIUS2

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NOCO Battery Chargers - Battery Charger - 329-GENIUS2 Review

Hey everyone, I'm Ellen here at and today we're taking a look at the NOCO genius battery charger and maintainer. This is going to help us keep our batteries charged and ready to go whenever we are to go out on our adventure, get some work done around the house, or whatever the case might be. It's going to allow us to charge and maintain the batteries for 6V and 12V batteries have a lot of different types, we'll go over those in a minute, but it's going to be just as nice compact systems. You can mount this to the wall, keep it in a drawer or your toolbox anywhere close at hand, to make sure that those batteries are maintained and ready to go. Just plugs into the wall AC plug there nothing too fantastic or special about that. On either end here, we'll have the connections to get our accessory plugged in.A lot of the NOCO staff will use the same plug so you can kind of reuse and switch and swap them out, then our little alligator clamp is going to go on the battery terminals.

Pretty common you see these on just about any kind of jumper cable or anything like that, red goes positive, black goes to the ground or negative. We do have a little keeper, this is going to mount to the wall or somewhere safe at hand, maybe the side of your toolbox to keep this nice and up out of the way, basically just wraps around the body of the charger kind of snaps in place, so you can keep that up and ready to go. And see that snaps around there can put the hook a little strap around and now hanging it against the wall does come with two small screws to attach that bracket to the wall, so you can have it wherever you want it.As far as what this will work with, as I mentioned, a lot of different battery types, 12V and 6V, got wet cell, gel cell, in advanced are enhanced flooded, maintenance-free AGM and lithium.So just about any small vehicle, you have tools, things like that, that you need to charge up with this. You can do that. Even if that battery is completely depleted, you can put this into force mode and then that will bring that battery back to life, even if it's down to zero volts.

So that's a pretty nice thing. The way it will be able to change those modes is going to be this button here. It's a pretty nice screen to let us see what's going on with our batteries. So you can see what sort of mode you have it in. Also check the charge and swap everything out.

So easy to read, LED system there.Pretty self-explanatory as I mentioned with the clamps going around your batteries, this does have a multi-stage charging and algorithm as well, so that's going to typically charge batteries faster than the other battery chargers you see in the market about two times faster, so should get everything back up to operational quickly. It's also going to have thermal sensors, so it's going to adjust that ambient or the charging performance per the temperature, and also the housing is made out of a Lex and rexine, so it's going to be nice and rugged up to, up to the task for hanging out in the shop and maybe getting banged up a little bit without too much issue.It does have an IP 65 rating, so dust proof, and it can be splashed with water without any real adverse effects, of course, you don't really want to have any of the electrical connections anywhere near water, but the box itself should be able to stand most shop environments without any issues. Those connections here, this is going to be the X or X connect series. That's what these connections are called, has little Xs on them, so pretty easy to plug in and take apart. A lot of the NOCO staff has those, and then whenever you're not using them has a little plugs to go over them, to keep those protected.As far as the size of our charger, it's going to be about 5 inches by 3 inches and then an inch and 5'8 thick, the AC cable measures 72 inches long.

Our connector cable measures 56 inches, and then the clamps are going to have a length of 21 inches. The max charge that this is rated for the max charging amperage is going to be 2 Amps, and the max power consumption is going to be 30 Watts. That's pretty much all there is to it for this does have a 3 year limited warranty, I think this will make a great accessory to keep all those items charged up and ready to go so that you don't have to wait on getting your work done around the house or getting out on the road and enjoying your life.But that's going to do it for me, I again I'm Ellen here at, hopefully this video has helped you in deciding if this is going to be the right product for you, if not, we do have other options available here so check them out. Thanks for watching.

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