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Review of NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Boost Max 3,000 Amp Jump Starter Box - NOC39FR

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NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Boost Max 3,000 Amp Jump Starter Box - NOC39FR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this NOCO Boost Max 3,000 Amp Jump Starter. Now this is a portable lithium ion jump starter that's gonna revive your dead 24-Volt, lead acid vehicle and equipment batteries. Now this will support battery types such as the wet cell, the gel cell, maintenance-free, enhanced flooded and AGM. So it is gonna be perfect for your semis, RVs, buses, construction equipment, that sort of thing, up to 32 liter engines with either gas or diesel. So this is going to provide a powerful 133 watt hour lithium ion battery that will provide multiple jump starts off of a single charge.

It's gonna hold its charge for over a year with minimal power loss. So it is going to do a great job for you, be very convenient to just keep stored away, ready for you if you ever need to jump your battery. This does fully recharge in under 8 and a half hours from your 12-Volt AC or DC power source. This does have a 3,000 amp starting current. So it is gonna do a great job for you.

We've got these heavy duty battery clamps that are spark proof and have reverse polarity protection. Our battery clamp length is right at 3 feet here, but if we need to, we can spread them out up to about 6 and a half feet in overall span. And so if our terminals our spaced pretty far apart, we can still accommodate that pretty easily. On the jump starter itself, we've got our digital volt meter. That's gonna display our battery voltage to help determine if the battery is discharged.

And we are gonna have a very simple operation with our LEDs, lit buttons and indicators here. So very easy to move through all of our settings. We do have the manual override button here. That's going to allow you to jump a battery with a charge below 2 volts. Another nice feature of this battery is our rechargeable LED work light here.

And this is gonna have multiple modes. So we've got our brightest, little bit dimmer and even dimmer there. And then we've got our strobe or our SOS emergency light, and then I'm gonna turn it off, work through those brightness settings again, so that we can go to our strobe. It's just the constant flashing. And then we've got the alternating strobe as well. So in an emergency situation, if we need to get someone's attention, we've got those light's options. This is gonna provide about 600 lumens of light. So it is very bright. I'll turn off my studio lights here, you'll be able to see just how bright that actually is. So it's gonna give us plenty of light to work with and so that we can see, as we're making our connections and that sort of thing. It's gonna do a great job for us there. Turn on the lights in the studio here again. So my camera can get focused. In addition to our work light, we're also going to have several plugs over here. So we've got a 12-Volt plug that will allow us to power accessories like a tire inflater, power inverter, fan, cooler, or coffee maker. And we're going to have these two 2.1 amp USB ports that will allow us to charge our smartphones, tablets, headphones, or portable speakers, things like that. We also have our 12-Volt inside here so we can get this plugged in to a 12-Volt accessory port on our vehicle, if we're wanting to charge it up. This is a nice compact, lightweight design. So it is going to be very easy to store in your cargo area or your toolbox. Our overall length, if we include the caps for our openings there, it's gonna be right about 12 and 3 quarters of an inch. Our width, if we include the arms here for our cables, I'm gonna call it 8 and 3 quarters of an inch wide. And then, as far our thickness goes, we're right at, say 3 and 3 quarters of an inch. Weighs about just under 14 pounds. So it is fairly easy to carry around. It's got an IP rating of IP65 when our ports are closed, so it's gonna be very durable. It's got an operating temperature range from negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. As far as getting it charged, it does have this AC charger here and they include several different types of plugs that will go into that. So you've got your US style, you've got your UK style, your Australian and your European. So depending on where you're at, if you're traveling or if you're in a different country, you can use those, but it's gonna be very easy to get that hooked up. And while this is a really rugged option, it's gonna hold up really well on its own. They do also include this carrying case here, so that we can keep everything stored away and organized. So our jump starter fits in there, nice and snug. It's kind of got a molded body there, so that we can get that put in place. Put our power chargers in this side opening here. Keep that all nice and organized. Then we've got that zippered closure, to close that all up. And then on the underside, we've got another zippered closure that will allow us to store our clamps. It's got kind of a velvety texture to it. So it's gonna do a good job of protecting those as we put them in place. It's gonna help us keep everything nice and organized, make sure that it's all gonna be in good condition when we go to use it again. So then once we have it all in place, we do have the side opening here, that's going to allow us to still have our work light, if we need it. We also have this top hook and loop section that will give us access to our buttons and whatnot. So we can very easily open that up. Use our work light, like so. So a really nice option here. Like I said, the, the unit itself is pretty durable so you probably won't need the carrying case but they do include it. So it's nice little add on here. It is pretty firm. So it's gonna do a good job of protecting our investment. We've got a carry handle and a shoulder strap so we can very easily move this around, keep everything organized and easily accessible for us. So that if we are needing to jump our battery whether it be for a vehicle or for our equipment, this will be very easy to access and get us up and operational again. So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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