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Review of NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - 329-GB150

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NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - 329-GB150 Review

Jeff: Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at this NOCO Boost Pro 3000 amp ultra safe lithium jump-starter, with the LED work light. Now, this is a nice portable lithium-ion jump starter. Helps you quickly revive any dead 12 volt vehicle and equipment batteries. So, it is perfect for gas or diesel cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and even commercial equipment.It is designed to work with up to nine liter gas engines and seven liter diesel engines, but it is safe for use on engines of any size. It does include everything shown here.

The jump-starter itself, with the battery boost cables. Also comes with the 12 volt male, 12 volt female adapter, 24 inch long, 12 volt extension cable. 40 inch long USB to micro USB cable. And a nice large microfiber storage bag, to store everything in, keep it all together and then a user's guide, that'll describe how this works.Now, this is a powerful lithium-ion battery. Provides up to 80 jump-starts off a single charge.

And it'll hold the charge for over a year, with minimal power loss. You can fully recharge it in two to three hours, from a 12 volt DC power source.Now, the battery cables themselves, very heavy duty, four gauge wire size cable. And the battery clamps are spark proof and they do have reverse polarity protection. The cable itself is a nice durable, silicone cable. Maintains flexibility in cold weather conditions.

And the way you store them, again, you can see they stretch out this way and this one stretches out this way. But when you go to store them, what you want to do, is just take one of them, wrap it around the end, and then they have these posts here that you just clamp it onto. This one you wrap it around the end and same way, just claim it to the post. That way, it'll store in a nice compact design.I want to zoom in, and talk about the charger itself. Show you the operation.

It's a very simple operation. Has a power button right here, and then it has LED indicators that will let you easily cycle through different charge settings. So, right now, if I push on that power button, you can see the light up here, will light up, to let you know it's on. And you'll notice there's two red boxes, there. There's a total of four boxes. If they all lit up, the largest one on the end would be green. And that'll mean there's a 100% charge. When it drops down to the third box, it'll be yellow and it's 75%. Right now, you can see we're showing two red boxes. So, that's 50% charge left in it. If it drops down to one, it'd be 25% charge. Right over here, there's a little bitty red arrow LED. This will come on, if you hook up your cables in the wrong way. It's a reverse polarity arrow light, or that light will also come on, if your charger temperature's too high.Down here, there's a manual override button. This allows you to jump a battery, if the charge is below two volts. You just push and hold that for about three seconds. You notice the volt meter pops on to show you. That digital volt meter will display the battery voltage, to help determine if the battery is discharged. If you're done using it, you just push it back again, and it's off.Now on this end, is a nice built-in rechargeable 500 lumen LED work light. Has seven different settings, that you can toggle through, using the mode button right up here. And I want to try to show you those settings. So, what we're going to do is, I'll first push the first one and it's on full power. Turn off our lights. There's your full power. If we push it again, that'll give you 50% power. Push it again, it goes down to 10% and then there's your SOS signal. And if we push it again, there's your blink signal. And then one more time, it'll go to a strobe. There's the strobe signal. And then after you've gone through all of them, you can push it and it'll turn it off. So, it gives you many different bright options there.Now we're going to talk about the USB ports. I'm going to take our cables back off, so we can look at them a little bit better. We'll swing these out. But our USB ports on the very end right here. Have a USB in and then a USB out. So we'll first talk about the end port. And you can see, there's two different connection, a 12 volt and a micro USB.So the in port, it'll allow you to charge this jump-starter, using either a USB, or a fast charge, using a 12 volt plug. If you use a USB connection, you take your micro USB, plug it in, and it gives you a full USB to charge it. If you want to use the 12 volt, what you end up doing. Oops, use the other end. We'll plug in the 12 volt end and then this end, will plug into your 12 volt male. And then that'll plug into a 12 volt, to get the charge at the 12 volt way. So, there's two different ways to charge that. Now on the out port over here, you can see there's a large USB and then also a 12 volt again. So, if you want to use the USB this time, you just use the larger USB and plug it in that way.And then it'll give you a micro USB. So the out port will let you charge smartphones, tablets, headphones, portable speakers. We're using the micro USB. Or you can power 12 volt accessories, plugging that in, and then plugging this, into the end of the female. And then you can plug in your 12 volt plug there. That way you can power accessories, like a tire inflator, power inverter, a fan, a cooler, or a coffee maker. So, it gives you many different options to use right there. And again, it has these nice rubber plugs. And when you push them in all the way, it'll protect it from the elements.So again, what I'm going to do. So we'll just go ahead and put our cords back. Attach them, just like that. On this one on the bottom, attach it like that. Now it is a nice compact, lightweight design. Stores in the glove compartment, cargo area, trunk or toolbox. Just want to go ahead and push the off button. Application for this is 12 volt lead acid batteries. Battery types that are supported is wet cell, gel cell, enhanced flooded, maintenance free, and AGM batteries. The internal battery on this unit is 88 watt hour, lithium-ion. Peak current rating is 4,000 amps. The micro USB input, and the USB output is five volts, 2.1 amps. Operating temperature for this is negative four degrees Fahrenheit up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.Last thing, I want to do, is give you some dimensions on this. The weight of it is only about seven and a half pounds. Dimensions on it, from this end to this end, it's going to roughly be right about 12 and three eights inches long. The width at the widest point, once these are all clamped in there correctly, is going to be right about seven and five sixteenths inches wide. And the overall height on is right at about two and eleven sixteenths inches tall.But that should do it for the review on this NOCO Boost Pro 3000 amp ultra safe lithium jump-starter, with the LED work light.

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