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Review of NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - 329-GB50XL

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NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - 329-GB50XL Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the NOCO boost XL Ultra Safe 1500 amp lithium jump starter with the LED work light. Now, this is a portable lithium ion jump starter, quickly revives dead 12 volt vehicle batteries, so it's perfect for jump starting diesel cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, even ATVs. It is designed to work with gas engines up to seven liter size and diesel engines up to 4.5 liter size and it is safe for use on engines of any size. It does include everything shown here on the table, the jump starter, the battery clamps, 12 volt car charger, a 40 inch long micro USB cable to charge the internal battery and a nice large microfiber storage bag to carry everything in and a user's guide that'll describe how this operates.Now, this uses a powerful lithium ion battery, which provides up to 30 jumpstart off a single charge. It's rated for over a thousand charge cycles and it'll hold a charge level for over a year with minimal power loss, does have heavy duty precision clamps here when you're jump starting. They are spark proof, they have a coating on them so if they touch each other, you won't get any sparks and it offers reverse polarity protection for increased safety.

It'll show a red LED so when you're plugged into this unit, if you happen to hook these up to the battery wrong, and it's the wrong polarity, it'll have a red LED that'll flash. All you have to do is reverse it and it'll show a white LED, means you're good.The cable on these is a durable silicone cable, maintains flexibility in cold weather conditions. Now, on the jump starter itself, on the top, it'll have a mode button and LED indicators that will let you easily cycle through the charge settings. The separate LEDs will indicate the batteries charge level, reverse polarity air we mentioned, and then charger temperature if it gets too hot or too cold to operate, it'll let you know with an LED. If you turn this on, you can see the four blocks right here, that'll tell you how much power is in your battery.

Right now, we're showing two red blocks so that's 50%. If it was all four lit up, then it'd be a hundred percent.Does have a manual override button right down here that'll allow you to jumpstart a battery below two volts. On this end, it has a USB port that you can charge smartphones, tablets, headphones, or portable speakers. And right here is a USB in that you can use your micro cable there, plug it in and that'll let you charge it through a USB port. On this end, on the corners, it has lights, a built-in rechargeable LED flashlight, has seven different settings.

It'll have three brightness settings and then three emergency settings. I'm going to show you each one here. And to turn it on, you have a light bulb button up here so if you just turn it on, when you turn it on, there will be your brightest, there'll be 50%, there'll be 10%. Then if you hit it again, it'll do the SOS. Hit it again, it will do the blink.

Hit it again, and it's the emergency stroke. And then one more time and it'll be off.So you can go through each one, whichever you need for your application. And this LED flashlight output is about 200 lumens. This is rechargeable with any 12 volt power source or the USB port. It is a nice portable handheld design. You can see it easily stores in your glove compartment, center console, trunk, or toolbox. Application for this is 12 volt lead acid batteries. Starting current, we mentioned, is 1500 amps peak. The internal battery is a 35 watt hour lithium ion battery. The micro USB input on this side that you'll charge with is 2.1 amps. USB output that you can charge your phones with is 2.1 amps. Operating temperature for this jump starter is negative four degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.And the last thing I do is just want to give you some measurements on this. Overall length of it, it's right at seven and three quarter inches long, height of it is about two inches tall and the width on it, it's about three and seven sixteenths inches wide, and the weight is only about 2.7 pounds. But that should do it for the review on the NOCO Boost XL Ultra Safe 1500 amp lithium jump starter with the LED work light..

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