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Review of NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - 329-gb500

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NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - 329-gb500 Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at these NOCO Boost Max Jump Starter. This is going to allow you to revive your dead 12 volt or 24 volt batteries. This is going to be a great option to have on hand for your lead acid battery systems whether it's a gas or diesel, RV, truck, semi or bus, this can pretty much jump anything including your construction equipment. So really nice to have on hand to make sure that you're never going to have to worry about a dead battery. On the inside, it's got a powerful 266 watt hour lithium ion battery.

So it's going to provide up to 400 jump-starts off a single charge. Once you get it all charged up, it will hold that charge for over a year with minimal power loss. So just charge it up, get it stored away in your storage compartment or under your seat, whatever the case may be, so that you always have this option to get your car jumped, if your battery does die. And you can see, we've got very simple operation here, very bright, visible buttons and whatnot. The first, most obvious, is our dial, between our 12 volt and our 24 volt settings.

So depending on your situation, get that set to what you need. Up at the top here, we do have our power button. Gonna turn that on, you can see right now, it's not very charged up. So it's going to tell us what our current charge level is. We do also have a digital voltmeter down here.

That's going to display the voltage of the battery that we are connected to. So we can tell if the battery is discharged, how discharged it is, that sort of thing. It will read voltage between 3 volts up to 30 volts. We also have a manual override button down there. That's going to allow us to jump a battery with a charge below 2 volts.

So if you do not see any voltage, once you get hooked up there, that does mean that it's under that 3 volts. So either you have something running in the car that's drawing power and you need to shut it off or you can use that override to get it just charged up. Jumped to that below, if it's below that 2 volt setting. On the other side here, if I turn this back on, you'll see a quick color flash. So we've got a blue and a red button or LED light here. Those are our temperature monitors. So our blue is cold, our red is hot. So if that is a solid color whether it's blue or red, it means that the temperature is approaching the limits of the unit. If it's flashing, it means that it's gone beyond what is operational for the unit. So this does have an operating temperature range of negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. So you'll probably never, never have to deal with that. But if you do see those lights come on that's what it's indicating, helping you know what's happening with your unit. On the front here, we do have our 12 volt plugs. So this is going to a 12 volt IN, is going to allow us to charge our unit. So we've got this adapter here that allows us to plug right in and then we've got the opening there. They do include several different kinds of plug-ins. The one that's probably gonna work for most of us is this simple AC US adapter. So we just plug that right into the wall and get this charged up. It will charge up in about 8 hours from your AC or DC, 12 volt source. They also include, believe these are European, maybe some other sort of options here. So depending on where you're using this, you'll have a couple of different options there but most likely for the viewers of this video, it'll be the US version. So they do include that. You can also hook this up, alternatively with the 12 volt plug here. So you can just plug that into any of your 12 volt female ports that will also charge it up. Well, we can reverse this, employ this into the 12 volt OUT and have a 12 volt port for our tire inflator or power inverter, that sort of thing. So we got a lot of options just in that set up there. Our next little flap is going to give us access to our 2 USB ports. Those are 2.1 amp USB ports. So it's going to allow us to charge up our smartphones or headphones, our tablets, portable speakers, that sort of thing. Anything that gets plugged into a USB should work there, do a good job of getting that charged up, so we can make phone calls in an emergency situation, that sort of thing. I'm going to turn this to the side. You'll be able to see our 2 LED work lights. These are going to be a very bright light, up to 2,200 lumens. I want to turn this on. It is going to be very bright for you. So you can see the brightest setting there and we can turn it to a lower setting or the lowest continuous setting. Then it goes to the SOS setting and I'll have to go back through the cycle there to get to the next one. That's just your continuous strobe. And then your alternating strobe. If you click through them fast enough, you won't have to start over each time but I wanted to demonstrate a little bit there. So you can see, whether you're needing to get someone's attention. If you're broken down on the side of the road or if you are needing to have a steady work light, so that you can make sure that you're getting everything connected, you're going to have several options there. Then below that is going to be our connection points for our battery clamps. So we open this up and you can see, we do have these cam lock connectors. So at the top of our connector, there's going to be that little knob there. So that'll go in at the top and twist. That's going to lock it in place. So we don't have to worry about pulling these loose. As we're moving around, trying to get everything hooked up, it'll be nice and locked in. These clamps are a heavy duty, spark proof and reverse polarity resistant clamp. So it's going to be very easy to get these connected to our battery. Get everything hooked up. Now these do have about 2 foot spans. So not a whole lot of room, probably won't be able to set our unit on the ground and reach up to our battery but it should be able to lift it up into the battery compartment and use these 2 foot span clamps here. This is going to be a nice, compact, lightweight design because that lithium ion battery. This only weighs about 19 and a quarter of a pound. So very lightweight, easy to maneuver. As far as our dimensions go, it's right about 12 and a quarter of an inch wide by 8 and 3/16 of an inch deep and only about 6 and 3/8 of an inch tall. This can be stored in your cargo area or toolbox but they also include this nice storage bag. That's very easy to put everything in here, take it along with you, it zips up. So you have storage compartments for your cables, your connectors, and then you're also going to have access on the side here for your light and your ports, for your cables, and then snap button opening there. It's going to give you access to all your control knobs and that sort of thing at the front. Nice and padded. So it's going to provide a little bit of protection for you, and again just provide storage for all these additional cords and everything that you're going to have, you want to keep on hand. So nice little option to keep it all stored away, but overall, a really nice jump starter for you. Have on hand to ensure that you're never going to have to worry about a dead battery. And like I said, this will work for just about anything, farm equipment, ATVs, whatever you have. This is going to be a great option to keep on hand. So that's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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