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Review of NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - NOC48VR

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NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - NOC48VR Review

Hello, everybody, this is Jeff at Today we're gonna take a look at this NOCO Boost X 12 volt jump starter with the 1,250-amp rating, and the led work light. Now, this is a nice portable jump starter, which will revive dead 12 volt vehicle and equipment batteries. It's perfect for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and even ATVs. Now the battery types, this will support are wet cell, gel cell, maintenance free, enhanced flooded, and AGM batteries. The engine size compatibility for this, this will work for gas engines up to 6.5 liters and diesel engines up to four liters that does include everything shown here on the table.

The jump starter, the boost battery clamps, a USB-C cable, nice storage bag to carry everything in and even a user's guide, this will describe how this operates. Now, this jump starter will use a powerful 31 watt hour lithium ion battery to provide multiple jump starts off a single charge. The battery clamps, they are nice heavy duty battery clamps so it'll plug into the starter. So you'd basically on one end here, just open it up, open the battery clamps, and then line it up and just push it right in. And you're ready to go.

Now what's nice about these battery clamps, they are spark proof. So after you've turned it on, if they happen to touch together, they won't spark like a lot of them will do, and they also have a nice reverse polarity protection. Now the battery clamps span on this, if we put them all the way out as about 24 inches long. Now one of the other neat features on these clamps, I wanted to zoom in on to talk about them, to show it up close. But basically if you look at the clamp and notice how they have a nice thin nose clamp design to them, and what that's for is, it's nice to connect into tight places.

You know, sometimes if you're jump starting with clamps, they have the big thick clamps and you won't fit in and hold on well. These have a nice tension to them and they're very thin. So they'll hold on and get into tight places. Now this does use a nice 60 second timeout feature to save power. Basically what happens is when you connect your clamps to the battery, what you'll do is press this power button right here.

And when you do that, if you notice all the LEDs flash once, now the boost led right down here. That's not on now because we're not connected to a battery, but if these we're connected to a battery and you turned it on, that would come on white, and that would tell you that you're ready to go. And then what you want to do, it starts a 60 second countdown once you push the start button. So you'll have 60 seconds to start, try starting the other vehicle you're jumping and what'll happen is if it doesn't after 60 seconds, the vehicle doesn't start what it will go, it's designed to save you power. But what will happen is this power led right here will go to a yellow color. And that means it's powered off. Then all you have to do is turn it on, turn it back park, turn it off, turn it back on to initiate a new jump start sequence. Now it does also offer down here, this manual override button you can see right here. This allows you to jump a battery if the charge is below three volts, if the battery is below three volts, the jump starter will not detect the battery. So what you have to do is push this override button. So it'll be able to detect that battery and force the jump start function. Now, I wanted to take these off and show you that you can also use this as an led work light. And it's a built in led work light. You can see the light on each side here. This will include a brightness. So here's your light button that you push. So if you push it once there's 100%, push it again, that's 50%. Again, it's 10%. Again, it's SOS, hit it again, it's blink. Again, it's a strobe. And then the last time would be off. Now when it's at 100% brightness, that gives you a hundred lumens. I do want to show you this in the dark also. So if we push it, here's your 100%, 50%, 10%, do the SOS, do the blink and we'll do the strobe. Went off, let's go through them again. And then there's your strobe goes one back and forth. And then the last time it would be off. Now the, on the other end, right over here, if you notice it has these covers over the two ports. And what's nice about that. These rubber covers when they're installed into those ports, it'll give this starter an IP 65 rating, but when you go to use them and just pull open, let's first pull up on this one. So if we pull it open, you can see there's a standard USB output on this end. This is a 2.1 amp USB output. If you pull up on the other cover, it'll show you a port, it's a USB-C input and output, which is 60 Watts. That's a nice, super fast USBC port. That'll recharge this charger in under an hour, and I'll go from a dead to a jump start ready in about five minutes. And again, we mentioned it does come with the USBC to USB cable. And again, when you're not using them, just make sure you put your covers back on and they'll protect those. You're all ready to go. Also, if you notice that when I mentioned on the top, you can see there's four lights here. These are your battery level indicator. This'll monitor the current level of charge. You can see right now it's showing two lights, which means it's 50%. If it would show all four, and that last one would be green, that means it's 100%, if it goes down to three lights at 75, 15 and 25%. So it lets you know the level of the charge in this charger. It is a nice compact, lightweight design. It's only about two pounds, it will store in any cargo area, trunk or toolbox. As we've mentioned, comes with the bag. Application is 12 volt lead acid battery systems we've mentioned. Peak current rating again is 1,250 amps. Excuse me, the last thing I wanted to do is just give you the measurements on this. Let you know the size of it, overall length from one end to the other is about six and 7/8 inches long, width of it is about three and a quarter inches wide. And your total depth of it is only about two and one eighth inches deep. But that should do it for the review. On the NOCO Boost X 12 volt jump starter with the 1,250 amp peak rating and the led work light..

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