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Review of Optronics RV Lighting - Porch Light - Utility Light - RVPLL13CB

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Optronics RV Lighting - Porch Light - Utility Light - RVPLL13CB Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at we're taking a look at the LED Porch and Utility Light for RVs. This is going to be just a nice oval light, does have an on and off switch so you can turn that off at the source or you can also wire the pigtail here into a switch across the room if you want to and operate it from that if you would like.But it's just an easy-to-use light. It's kind of coming apart from my little ground clamp there, and it also comes with the hardware to get this mounted in place.So you can see this is going to have a acrylic snap-on lens and then the base is going to be an ABS plastic, so it's going to be a slightly more durable plastic. It's more resistant to scratches and abrasions than your typical plastic. So it should last for a long time.As far as the size, flip it over, it's about six and a quarter inch long and just about three and a half inches tall with that switch, that toggle switch, at the top.

And, then, I'm about one and a quarter inch thick or one and a quarter inch tall, however you want to think about it.The two mounting holes here on the back, center to center, those are about four and 7/8 inches apart. We have a total of 16 diodes in here and I'm going to grab a little screwdriver and see if we can pop that lens out so you can see the inside.So usually a little flat blade screwdriver can get in there and pop out this lens. We'll have some little tabs around the side, so if you find those and kind of push them out of the way, that should be the ticket for getting it out of there.So it looks like we have one tab on one side and then two at the top. So if you kind of push against the middle there, it should give you enough room to wiggle that out of place.You can see all our diodes and this is also how we'll mount this in place. So you use the screws, go through that housing, put those down in place and then put the cover back over the top.So really the only time that you'll need to take that lens off is to get it mounted and, if something ever happens to this lens, they are replaceable so you can just replace the lens rather than having to replace the whole light.

Just definitely something that I like to see.You can find that replacement part right here at and you can also find this in an amber configuration as well if you'd like to have that amber lens instead of the clear white.It's compatible with 12 volt DC systems and just that two wire design; white goes to ground, black goes to power. The power draw at 12 volts is going to be 0.32 amps and there is a lifetime warranty on all those LEDs.That's pretty much all there is to it for our LEDP Porch and Utility Light for RVs.Give you one last look at the light powered on in the dark so you can see how bright the light actually is. It's one thing I forgot to show you guys, so there you go.If you need any other lighting accessories, we do have a lot of options here at so definitely check them out.Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

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