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Review of Optronics RV Lights - LED Porch and Utility Light - RVPLL11CB

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Optronics RV Lights - LED Porch and Utility Light - RVPLL11CB Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the LED porch and utility light for your RVs. This is going to make a great porch light or utility light depending on where you want to put it in your RV. If I hold it up to the side here, you can see it's got like a downward facing angle, so it should shed the light where you need. Can also work in an enclosed trailer if you'd like.

Just very easy to install, quick mount, so can pretty much go anywhere that you need it. This is a SMD construction, which means the circuit board and the light, everything, is surface mounted. It's going to be very durable. It's going to hold up better with the shocks and vibrations of being in a trailer or a motor home RV, that sort of situation.The LED board is also going to help it improve the heat distribution. It's going to have a thinner construction, so we're going to be able to have a much thinner light than we would with our older style light bulbs.

Speaking of the light bulbs, these do have 16 led diodes. Those LEDs are going to be a much better replacement for your incandescent bulbs. You're not going to have to worry about them nearly as much. They last about 50 times longer. They're more efficient, so you get more light with less power draw.

The bulbs are not going to need to be replaced, because there's no brittle filament in there like you do have with your incandescent lights. Overall, the LEDs are a great option for you.The housing is a durable acrylic with a snap on lens. Sorry, the lens is acrylic. The housing itself is an ABS plastic, so it's going to hold up very well. That's very sturdy, durable kind of plastic, but it's also going to be lightweight for our trailer applications.

The lens is clear and we have white LEDs in there, so it's going to be a nice bright white light. It is compatible with your 12 volt DC systems, which most of our trailers and RVs operate on. It's going to pull about 0.32 amps on our 12 volt system, so really not a whole lot of draw there. You should be able to operate several of these without causing any sort of problems whatsoever.It is a surface mount installation. You can see here, this does not include any of the hardware to get it installed. You can see it does have that little rubber pad there that's going to squish down once you get it installed. That's going to help, again, reduce that vibration, make sure it's a nice snug fit. On the back, we do have a two wire pigtail. You're going to get your power lead, which is the black and your ground, which is the white. Again, very easy to get those hooked up. You just need a 12 volt power source and ground coming through a small hole in order to get this mounted up and tied in.Our overall dimensions. I'll show you on the back here. It might be a little bit easier to see. Our total width or length is going to be right about 6 5/16 of an inch. Our height, when we have it mounted like that, it's going to be about 3 5/16 of an inch tall. And then, our total width, I'm going to measure from the back of that plastic. It's right about 9/16 of an inch thick.There is a lifetime warranty on the LEDs, so you can trust that it's going to hold up well for you. I am going to plug this into some power so you can see what our light looks like when it's shining. Again, very easy to get it hooked up. Just get that power to your power source and ground to ground. You can see our light. I'm going to turn off the studio lights so you can see some very nice bright white light. Should do a good job of illuminating your trailer space or your RV, wherever you decided to mount this. That's going to complete our look at the LED porch and utility light for RVs.

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