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Review of Optronics Trailer Lights - LED Trailer Tail Light - OPT62ER

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Optronics Trailer Lights - LED Trailer Tail Light - OPT62ER Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at this Optronics LED Trailer Tail Light. This light serves 3 functions. It's got your running signal or your tail lights, as you can see there. Turn off the lights in the studio, so that you can see that a little bit better. And it's also going to have your stoplight and your turn signal light, so that anyone that's coming up behind your trailer will be able to tell if you're stopping or turning or driving at night due to these 6 LED, red LEDs under the smoked lens here.

It is gonna be nice and bright and be clear what your intentions are as you're driving. This does have a durable polycarbonate lens and housing that is sonically sealed, So it is gonna be submersible. So it would be great for any of your trailers that are gonna be submerged, whether they're a boat trailer or whatever the case may be. And these LEDs, they are gonna be extremely efficient and durable. So when compared to your older style incandescent lights, they're gonna provide a brighter light with less power draw.

These will work with your 12 volt systems. For your tail light, it's gonna be 0.007 amp draw. For your stop and turn signal, it's only gonna draw about 0.161 amps. So it is gonna be very efficient and because it doesn't have that brittle filament in the bulb, it's gonna last about 50 times longer. And so you're not gonna have to worry about replacing the bulbs.

This light does come with a lifetime warranty on those LEDs so you can trust they are gonna hold up well and do a great job for you. This does accept the industry standard 3-prong plug. And so you get that plugged in there and that will allow you to control those lights. The overall length here is right at 6 and a half inches. Our height, we're looking at right about 2 and a quarter of an inch tall.

I get that angle right with my camera. And then the depth, from the front of the lens to this back portion back here, it's right about 1 inch. This will include where it's gonna plug in, that little protective cover there. It's about 1 and 3 quarters of an inch. So this is designed for a remiss, recessed mount. There is a grommet sold separately that will help you get this installed in that recessed configuration. You are gonna need a hole. It's about 6.85 inches by 2 and a half inches tall to get this mounted in place. This does meet the Department of Transportation's FMVSS 108 requirements. So it is going to be street legal, gonna do a great job, ensuring that all of the motorists can see if you're turning, driving at night or stopping. So if you are needing a LED Trailer Light for your trailer, this is gonna do a great job for you. That's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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