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Optronics Trailer Lights - Clearance Lights - STL175AMFB Review

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Review of Optronics Trailer Lights STL175AMFB

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Optronics 00:00:03 Glow light LED mid-ship intermediate side marker and turn signal light. This unit's going to feature a sonically sealed, water-proof design. It features poly-carbonate construction of the lens and the housing that's very strong and durable. That's a full LED system. LED's are going to make great replacements for incandescent lights. They last longer, they burn brighter, and they're much more efficient.

You don't have to worry about replacing bulbs or worry about brittle filaments. This particular light is SAE and department of transportation compliant. This is an E and P2 rated light. That's really important when it comes to that intermediate side marker and turn signal indicator for mid-ship trailer lights. Compliancy meets California requirements for mid-ship turn signal on vehicles 30-feet or longer. This is a flange mount design, so you can see that we have the flange going around the perimeter of the light.

Mounting hardware is sold separately. It's going to contain 2 mounting holes, one located on each end. When it comes to the wiring, the unit's going to use a weather tight connection that does require a 3-wire weather type plug. That is needed, it's sold separately and if you're in need of something like that, you can find them here at The light's going to contain a total of 10 diodes, or LED's, and Optronics is going to put a lifetime warranty on the LED's.

Now again, LED's are going to be great replacements. They also have a much faster response time when compared to incandescent lights. When it comes to the measurements, the unit gives us an overall length measurement measuring from very edge to very edge of pretty close to 7 7/8-inch. Going this direction edge to edge that's going to give us a measurement of pretty close to 3 1/4, maybe 3 5/6-inch. The depth measuring from the furthest out point of the light to the bottom of the mounting flange, that's going to give us a measurement of about 1 5/16-inch. Then the overall depth, very back measuring from the back of the plug to the outermost point of the light, that actually gives us an overall depth of about 2 1/2-inches.

This area right here that's going to have a depth of 3/4-inch. Now the mount holes on the unit, again one right here and one right here, these are going to be separated on center by 7 1/4-inches. The flange has a lip measurement of around 1/2-inch, maybe 9/16-inch, right in that area. This area right here, the raised portion, that's going to give us a length measurement of around 6 1/2-inches. A width measurement of right around 2 1/4. We're going to go ahead and hook it up to our external power source that way you can see what it looks like with power running to it. We'll also be able to turn off our overhead lights. We just need to connect our weather tight plug. It's got the locking tab that engages for a nice, tight, secure connection. Here you can see that once it has power running to it, it has like a tail light function to it, and that's going to be the side marker indicator. Then we apply our turn signals, you can see how the light output increases for stronger signal output. The multi-diode design of the unit really does help optimize the overall light output of the mid-ship trailer light. That's going to do it for today's look at the Optronics Glow light LED trailer mid-ship intermediate side marker and turn signal light.



Can This light be adapted to be a surface mount installation?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


We do have a surface mount mid-ship clearance light with part # MCL48AB , but the part # STL175AMFB in the video is designed to be a recessed mount and the only way to change that is to find a thick grommet. You can add the Chrome Bezel # A48CB to the surface mount option # MCL48AB to give it a finished look.

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