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Review of Pacer Performance Vehicle Lights - Roof Lamp - PP20-240

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Pacer Performance Vehicle Lights - Roof Lamp - PP20-240 Review

Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the Pacer Performance hi-five truck cab light kit. Now, this is going to be in the style of the 2002 to 2006 Chevy and GMC factory roof lights. So it gives your truck that big rig look and helps to make you a little bit more visible, especially on foggy or cloudy days. Or maybe if there's inclement weather like a really heavy rain storm, snow storm or whatever the case might be.

Just helps to give you a little bit clearer or give other drivers a little bit clearer view of you as you come down the road.Now this is going to be an incandescent bulb kit. There is another version that's pretty much exactly like this, but it's going to have those led bulbs. That's going to be part number PP20-253. And that's also available here at It's going to work pretty much the same way as the one I have laid out here, but that's just an option for you if you want to pick that one up or take a look at it.

There's also other versions that have a clear lens, still with the amber lights and also with a smoke lens. So, there's typically going to be a couple different styles as far as the finish on these lights.But as far as what comes in the kit, we'll get our longer light bar. And then our two little guys on either side. We'll get a switch so we can bypass our factory wiring system and just turn that on and off with that little switch, which we can mount up on our dash somewhere out of the way, but also still within reach. So we're not having to reach too far from it.We'll get a length.

Our two lengths of wire to make all our wiring connections. You will need to power this off the battery. So it does come with a fuse holder or a fuse that's in line there with the rest of our wiring. It's kind of an older style fuse, it's that little cylinder style and there's a spade on the end of it. So that can connect into the back of our switch on one side, and then the other length of wire will also have a spade coming off of it or a spade connector coming off of it so that can connect to our lights.It's a pretty good length of red wire there, but you might need some more to help you ground out the system and make sure you find a good ground to connect everything up.

We'll also get some quick splice connectors there. And also these little T-connectors. Those are going to be. Those are our little posts that go on the bottom of the light housing to give our screw something to bite into. And kind of take up the gap inside the light housing itself.Now, those quick splice connectors are one thing that I would actually recommend switching out. They don't really hold as well as insulated butt connectors are heat shrink butt connectors. And typically if there's going to be a point of failure, that's going to be the first to go. So I'm going to connect up this light to power and ground source so we can take a look at how bright it is.And I already have my incandescent bulbs in there, so you can get an idea of how bright it is. Turn the lights out in the studio, and you can see we'll have those three lights to provide that big rig look for the front of our truck. Turn the lights back on.For our smaller lights on the other side, we'll have these two little guys that will attach in place. You will have to put the bulb in place. I just have it in there just to save time. And then you just take this housing, lineup the little tabs with the spaces, and then it just takes a quarter of a turn to get that in place. So then, we'll have a single bulb for each of these lights. So I'll take my wiring here, hook it up to my wires coming off of here. The black wire is going to be our ground, red wire's going to be our power. So you can see that single light there. Turn off the lights, turn it back on so you can get an idea of the brightness on those.So not terribly bright, but the idea isn't necessarily to light up the road or light up the night. It's more just to give your truck more notice ability as you're out on the road.Again comes with a bunch of screws to get all the attachment points mounted in place, and then some rubber washers to help make a seal against any water getting into your truck. That is one important thing I want to note is that this does require some drilling to get it installed onto your vehicle. So you are going to have to drill at those mounting holes. So we'll have two, four, six, eight, 10 holes to drill into that top of our cab. So if that's something that you're not comfortable with, you might want to find a different solution for your vehicle, but it's a pretty straightforward install.You just want to make sure that you measure carefully. You want to maybe pick up some silicone sealant to give you a little bit of extra water seal protection for any of those holes as they're going into your vehicle. You can also find that here at, as far as the size of our light, our longer light bar here or light fixture, it's about 15 and a half inch long, or excuse me, about 15 and a quarter inch long, the widest point. And then about five inches wide and about one and three quarter inches tall. For our smaller guys, they're about three and a quarter inch wide at the widest point. About four and five eighths inch long, and about one and a half inches tall.This does meet SAE specifications. It is a universal fit, even though it's modeled after the Chevy and GM factory roof lights. You can use this on just about any vehicle out there. That rubber gasket is going to provide a little bit of cushion to that, and they are kind of a convex style to conform with your roof line. The bulb type that these use is a number 194 or 194. It has a 60 day limited warranty and that's going to do it for our look at the Pacer Performance hi-five truck cab light kit..

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