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Review of Performance Tool Patio Accessories - Solar LED Walkway Lights - PT79RR

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Performance Tool Patio Accessories - Solar LED Walkway Lights - PT79RR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we're gonna take a look at the Weatherproof LED Solar Walkway Lights with a sandstone finish, and it is for a quantity of two lights. Now these are solar-powered LED walkway lights, which will provide a nice, bright white light for your walkways along your lawn or your garden. Each light uses eight LEDs for four lumens. They do use built-in 400 milliamp power rechargeable batteries, and they have built-in sensors which automatically shut the light off during the day. And also on the very bottom, you'll notice they do have an on and off switch.

Now just to demo those, you can notice if I turn off the overhead lights, right now they're not on. So if I go on the bottom and hit the on switch, you can see how they'll come on. And I'll push this one and they come on, and just like that, they're lit up. And then you can see if I turn off the overhead light or turn on the overhead lights, they automatically go off. So the sensor will turn them off when there's sun shining.

And then at night when it gets dark, you can see that they'll come right back on. Now, they do use integrated solar panels which will charge the battery, there's no wiring required. Now the number of hours that the light will remain on depends on the amount of sunlight that the solar lights have received the previous day. A full charge time using solar is about 10 hours. The sandstone appearance on this, you can see, adds a nice decorative look.

It's great for landscape lighting. They do use SMD LEDs, which will last longer than incandescent bulbs and they don't need to be replaced. It is a nice, weatherproof ABS plastic housing, which creates a nice watertight seal. And it is a very easy installation, it comes with these removable ground spikes. You can see there's four holes.

You just line it up with the four holes, push that in. And now all I have to do is push those into the ground, it holds them in place. Same one this one, just line the four holes up, push that in and now you're ready to install them. A few specs on this, this is for a quantity of two lights. A few dimensions on these lights, if we do the overall diameter it's gonna be right at four and three eight inches. The depth of it or thickness is right about seven eights of an inch. And just the light itself is about two and three quarter inches. So again, just if we go ahead and turn that off, you can see how they pop on and give you the light. And then when the light is shining, they automatically go off. Or again, if you want, you can go and then turn them off using the switch right on the very back and they won't come on at all. You can see if I turn it off and they'll stay off. But that should do it for the review on the Weatherproof LED Solar Walkway Lights in the sandstone finish for a quantity of two..

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