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Performance Tool Tools - Grease and Lubricants - PTW54290 Review

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Review of Performance Tool Tools PTW54290

Today we're going to review the performance tool heavy duty lever aluminum grease gun. This grease gun is designed with a lightweight aluminum anodized barrel. It is designed to accept the standard 14 ounce grease cartridges, uses a heavy duty die cast T handle right here and an internal return spring on it. The end cap is removable, has a positive tab lock. Now the lever handle right here is a zinc plated lever handle, has a nice PVC grip for nice comfort. The head on it is a variable stroke aluminum die cast head.

One side has a bulk load fitting, the other side is an air valve or an air bleed off if you get any air pockets in the gun. You can push that to relieve the air out of it. Now this part does include the 12 inch triple reinforced flexible hose with the anti-kinking coil spring and it does have a 4500 PSI rating. Has a nice PVC cap over the coupler, this would just attach right there. You just screw that in and it also comes with the 5 and a half inch rigid hose with the 10 degree bend. Same way, you can screw that in also either side.

Now this grease gun has a 3 way loading system. You can use, as I mentioned, the standard cartridge. Basically to do that, you would just unscrew this aluminum barrel and again has a nice rubber grip right here. It gives you good grip to loosen it and tighten it. Once you get this barrel completely off, just like that, then what you'll do is this T handle you can see, if you pull your T handle all the way out, this tab will automatically lock in and hold it open. Then you can put your grease cartridge right in there.

Now when you push this handle to release it, if there's a cartridge in there it will just go up against the grease cartridge and then put the pressure on it. Since there's no cartridge in there right now, you can see if I push it, it will release and completely close. Now that's one way of loading it. The other way would be if you had a bulk drum of grease and you wanted to suction the grease up in there. Same way, you just put this down in the grease, pull back on this T handle and that will suction the grease up in there.

Once you get enough grease in there, release it, then go ahead and attach it to the gun. The last way would be if you had a bulk drum but they have a dispenser on it. A dispenser would be similar to a hose just like this that would come off the drum itself. It would have a coupler on the end. What you could do there is then just attach, go ahead and screw your barrel back on. Screw it on until it's tightened up and you just want to snug it up. You don't want to overtighten it. Once you get it all snugged up in there then you'll take the coupler that's on the dispenser on the bulk drum and it would attach right to this side right here. Then you would just pump the grease right into your . Pull back on the T handle, pump the grease right in there. That would be your third way of filling it. That should do it for the review of the performance tool heavy duty lever aluminum grease gun.

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