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Performance Tool Wiring - Tools for Wiring - PTW2992 Review

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Review of Performance Tool Wiring PTW2992

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Performance Tool LCD Digital Circuit Tester. This circuit tester features an LED back light. It's going to be ideally used to detect power, voltage, ground, and circuit integrity. Serge protected circuitry is going to display DC voltage from 3 volts to 48 volts, with a plus or minus 0.3 volt accuracy. This is going to allow you to conduct circuit tests with increased accuracy and ease. It's got the LED light in there that's going to indicate red for power, or green for ground.

The shank length measuring just that probe right there, that's going to be about 3-3/8 of an inch long. The spring clip which is this portion right here, it's got a nice, protected boot over it. That's going to be a copper construction for great contact. Then it's going to have a coiled cord with a cord saver on there. When fully stretched out, that's going to measure around 12 feet long. When you're ready to use it to test for circuit ground, just connect the spring clip to a good power supply.

I'm actually going to do that, just to show you how the unit works and how it looks. We want to get that connected to a good power supply, and then we'll test our ground wire. You can see that that LED is going to display green, and it's going to display the voltage, so all you got to do is touch the pointed probe to the circuit terminal's wires or chassey to locate the ground. Then the green LED will illuminate, and the LCD will display the measured voltage. Really nice design of the unit.

That does display as a negative number for good ground. Then when you're ready to test for circuit power, just connect the spring clip to a good ground connection. We'll do that, as well, just to show you. Then you can touch the probe to a circuit terminal or wire. Then the LED is going to illuminate red, and the LCD will display the measured voltage if the terminal has power. That's going to do it for today's look at the performance tool LCD Digital Circuit Tester..

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