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Powerbuilt Wiring - Tools for Wiring - ALL648349 Review

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Review of Powerbuilt Wiring ALL648349

Today we're going to review part number ALL648349. This is the Powerbuilt Digital Multimeter. This compact meter will check continuity of wires, fuses and electrical system components. It'll allow you to perform measurements of volts, amps, ohms and transistor 00:00:17. It can also be used to even test diodes. It has a low impedance meter that can be used on automotive computer circuits. It does have this rotary switch for on and off, and then move it to whatever circuit you're testing.

It does have overload protection. It comes with these removable pointed probe leads, the red and the black. It does require a 9 volt battery for it's power. The battery does not come with it. You do need to supply the battery and install it in there.

For this video demonstration I've already installed a 9 volt battery, just to let you know how the LCD screen looks. It's very large and legible. It's on the off right now. If I turn it over to voltage you can see that's how large the numbers are. Whenever you're not using it you always want to turn it to the off position. Basically the measurements you can do with this is you can test DC voltage measurement, which would be this range right here.

Basically you would take your red plug and plug it into the middle, right there. Then again take your black, put it into the ground. Then when you turn it over that'll test DC voltage. To test AC voltage your connections would be the same. The red in the middle, the black is the ground. Then you could go over to AC voltage over here.

If you want to test DC current, what you need to do, your black will always be ground so that will stay there. Your DC current is measured in amps, which are right here. When you go over to that, what you'll need to do is make sure the red is in the middle plug if the current is going to be less than 200 milliamps. If it is going to be larger than 200 milliamps, then you need to move it up to the top plug. Again, the black will always stay in the ground position. If you want to test resistance, which are ohms, right down here. Basically red would be in the middle like it is now, black in the bottom. Then you just turn it down to the ohms position, whatever ones you're testing. That's your testing resistance there. The transistor measurement, basically you would turn to right there where it says HFE. We'll take out the plug. Where it says HFE, then what you would do is right here is where you would plug your transistor in. Then you plug that in and that'll give you the reading. Then if you're going to test the diode continuity, basically you would just turn it to the marking for the diode, put your plugs back in, the red in the middle, the black in the ground. With it on there you can test the diode continuity. It does come with a nice set of instructions to show you how to do all your testing. That should do it for the review on part number ALL648349. This is the Powerbuilt Digital Multimeter. .