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Pro Series Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - PS30119 Review

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Review of Pro Series Fifth Wheel PS30119

Today we're going to take a look at the Pro Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with dual jaw, number PS30119. This is a sturdy and reliable fifth wheel hitch that comes at an affordable cost. The double jaw completely surrounds the trailers kingpin to ensure a solid connection. It reduces wear on the kingpin and on the fifth wheel hitch and produces a smooth ride with minimum play at the hitch connection point. Has a fully floating head that pivots four ways to provide a full range of motion for easy trailer hookup even on uneven ground. As you can see here, we're going front to back and also side to side. You can see right here the pivot point that allows that to move in four directions and you can also put your grease gun in there, give it a little shot of grease to make that pivot a little easier. A cushion grip on the handle provides comfortable jaw operation. We'll show you how that operates.

When you're ready to back your truck up into your trailer, you just pull that out and there is a little lip right here that will catch onto the side of the head to allow that to stay in place. Then you back up to your trailer, the kingpin will come right in here then you just pop that over and you're good to go. As you can see here, there's a latch, has a little bracket on the side with a hole in it. There's another bracket attached to the head back here with a hole and you'll just close that over the handle, put a pin and clip in there to secure that or you can use the padlock that comes with this fifth wheel and lock that up for additional security. In addition to the padlock, you will also get the four pins and clips that you see here that will secure the fifth wheel to the rails in your truck. It also comes with an adjustable hitch height that allows you to match your specific trailers height. You would just unscrew these nuts, pull them out, pull the bolts out and just lift and lower to the appropriate height. Have four sets of holes here, the top level of holes at that height would be 13 inches of clearance over your truck bed.

Raise that up to the bottom set of holes, that gives you 17 inches of clearance for a variance of 4 inches. The once piece form legs create a wide footprint for superior stability. Rails and an installation kit are required for this fifth wheel, those are sold separately. It does fit Curt, Valley, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese Base Rails. This also works with vehicle specific fifth wheel brackets to make installation easier when compared with the universal kit. Those are also sold separately. Go over a few specs.

The gross towing weight capacity of 20,000 pounds. The vertical load limit or the pin weight is 5,000 pounds. Again the hitch height is between 13 inches and 17 inches. The kingpin opening from here to here is five and three-quarter inch and this item does come with a three year limited warranty. That should about do it for our Pro Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with dual jaw, number PS30119.

Bill A.


I have 2013 Ram 2500 with 6.5 bed. Will the PS30119 Hitch work with the Reese Revolution Pin Box I have on my 5th wheel? If so, what Rails and Wedge do I need to get? Can you think of any other considerations I might need? Thank You

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


This Pro Series 5th wheel hitch # PS30119 can definitely be used with the Reese Revolution pin box. For your 2013 Ram 2500 you want the Rail Kit # C16430-204 . In addition you'll also want the Custom Wedge # 30850 and I recommend the Wiring Kit # 20110 to make it easier to connect your trailer wiring.