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Review of ProGrip Tie Down Straps 317-18900

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at the ProGrip adjustable wheel net with ratchet mechanism and snap hooks. This adjustable tire strap basically helps you tie down a vehicle to a trailer. It's a really nice design. It's easy to set up. It comes with detailed installation instructions to walk you through that whole process, step by step. It is adjustable and it's very secure.

Does a great job at gripping the tire and it would do wonderful at holding it in place on a trailer. Spin it all the way around. I don want to point out that the ratcheting mechanism, the D ring, and the snap hooks, those are all made from steel and they feature protective finishing on all the metal components to keep them safe from rust and corrosion. The hooks do have a safety latch mechanism on them to insure that they don't accidentally disconnect when setting up or when in transit. The ratcheting mechanism insures a very tight and secure setup.

So I do have it all pretty close to the tire here just for demonstration purposes. But obviously, this would be closer down to where wherever your anchor point is located.But the ratcheting mechanism on the unit is very easy to use, ensures a very tight and secure setup. It's much more secure compared to Cambuck inaudible 00:01:09 strap tie downs. Nice, large design makes it easy to operate, even if you have gloves on and it has a coded handle here. So it just has an easy grip design.

Nice, seamless movements. Got the large release lever here. Now I do want to point out that just like a traditional ratchet strap, you can lift that release lever, open it up all the way and release all the tension at once. But this mechanism features special tension release technology that actually releases tension step by step or click by click so it releases it gradually, which is a much safer way to release tension. But again, you can also operate the unit as a traditional ratchet if desired.

The webbing is yellow in color. It's polyester. It's very strong and durable. It's highly visible. It's got heavy duty sticking on it and it's got the stitching on the sides here to resist side impact and abrasions. This unit fits tires up to 33" in diameter by 12 1/2" wide.It's got four slots here so the adjustable design allows the unit to fit a variety of tire sizes. The strap measures an inch a half wide. The unit's rated with the safe working load limit of 1,830 pounds with a maximum load or break strength of 5,500 pounds. Again, instructions are included and I did take a measurement from the contact area here to the center of the buckle or hook on our lead and that measurement, straight out with this all the way out is 21 1/2". That's gonna do it for today's look at the ProGrip adjustable wheel net with ratchet and snap hooks.

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