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Review of Progressive Dynamics - RV Inverters - PD5110010Q

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Progressive Dynamics - RV Inverters - PD5110010Q Review

Today. We're going to take a look at the Progressive Dynamics transfer switch, with quick flip lever lock connectors.Now, this is going to be a tool to make sure that you don't get too much power going into your RV at once. Basically, it helps to switch from shore power over to generator power. So, if you're plugged into shore power, and then you plug in your generator, maybe you're about to switch over, this is going to automatically detect that the generator's connected. It's going to activate the relay inside, and then switch to just using the generator power once it knows that that voltage is stable. So, it prevents us from overloading our circuits from getting too much power from both sources at once.If we open up the lid here ...

you just kind of pull to one side to free those little notches from the tabs. Now let's take a look at the inside.We have all our connections to make here. This is where it gets that name, the quick flip lever lock connectors. You just push the wire in the back side, and then once the wire's all the way in, that bare wire, we can flip over this switch, and that will make our connection. So, very easy to do.

Helps to make that install a lot easier, and improve the reliability of your connection. Also helps to prevent any wiring errors. They're going to be color-coded, black and white, for power and ground.So, we'll have our circuits in here. We'll have a couple of entry points for our switch. You can actually pop out this little panel at the bottom to get your wires run in, and then pop it back into place.

And, if you want to have any wires coming out of the top, you can always punch out these circles. Same thing on the sides.Our cover has a diagram of where all our wires need to go, and what they need to do, and some warnings for us, as well.We'll have two installation options for this. We'll put it either at the electrical entry of the RV on the line side of the main distribution panel, which allows for switching for the entire electrical load. Or, we can put it on the load side of the panel, between the main panel and a sub-panel, which allows for switching only designated circuits. So, if you want this to switch between all of your electrical connections, you can put it on the line side.

Or, if you just want to have this designated for certain things only, you can put it on the load side.It is ETO-listed and assembled in the USA. As far as dimensions for the box, the box itself is about eight inches wide. Our mounting tabs on the back make it a little bit wider, so it's nine and a quarter inches overall. The distance between those mounting holes, center-to-center, is about nine and seven-eights of an inch apart. It's about four inches deep, with just this back portion. Pop our cover back in place. It's going to be a little bit thicker. Now, it's about four and three-sixteenths, or about four and an eighth deep. Our height, going in the other direction, which will be our cover, is about seven and five-sixteenths inches tall.The box just weighs 2.5 pounds, and the voltage is 120V AC. The current rating for this is 30 amps.And that's going to do it for a look at the Progressive Dynamics transfer switch with quick flip lever lock connectors.

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