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Review of Rear View Safety Inc Backup Camera - Hitch Alignment Camera Systems - RVS-83112-WiFi

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Rear View Safety Inc Backup Camera - Hitch Alignment Camera Systems - RVS-83112-WiFi Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we're gonna take a look at this Rear View Safety Wireless Wifi Hitch Backup Camera System. Now this is a nice small wifi hitch camera, that'll connect via wifi to your mobile device, allowing you to see the camera view on your mobile devices screen. And this camera does work with both Android and Apple devices with a free app called SafetyEye for the iPhone, and SafetyCam for your Android phone. Basically you can scan the QR code for your device. It'll be included on your box.

So when you receive this item, there's a QR code for both devices on the box. If you don't have the box, if you look at your product manual, there's a place in there where actually they'll have the QR codes also, just scan the one for your device you're using. But you'll be able, what'll happen is with this color camera system not only will you be able to view the camera on your mobile device, but you're able to record still images straight to your device as well. And even multiple users can view that camera on the SafetyEye app at the same time. This does give a nice strong wifi signal, provides an uninterrupted connection for distances up to about 50 feet.

And another thing you need to remember if you don't, you don't even need a pre-existing wifi or internet connection for this to work, the transmitter creates your wifi network that'll work anywhere. Now at the end of this video, we are gonna demonstrate this, I'm gonna have a co-worker walk outside with it, and I'm gonna be showing you on the phone how it works and the type of picture it will give you. Now this camera is powered by a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery itself will last about five hours on a full charge, and it can be used while you're charging. And then the recharge time when you plug this in from it being dead, all the way to a full charge is about four and a half hours.

And if you notice they do include this USB cable that you can plug it right in the back here and charge it. Now this camera does have 120 degree wide angle viewing. If you notice it also can be swiveled up or down on this mount for exact positioning, you just tighten this down to hold it in place. And if you look around the camera lens itself, it has six infrared lights that'll give you 30 feet of night vision. The camera is completely waterproof, it has an IP68 rating.

And another nice feature, it uses a magnetic base right here. And this base is a powerful magnet which will attach to your tailgate or the back of your vehicle for hitching. And just to demonstrate that I got a piece of metal here, and you can see how that will just secure on there. And then again you can tilt it to where you need it, tighten it down and you're ready to go. Now if you aren't gonna use it the magnetic base, they do also include a piece of hook and loop pad here that you can use her mounting it also. Give you a few dimensions and then we're gonna show you, demonstrate it. Basically I'm gonna give you the width, including the knobs. So if we put a ruler on that it's about three and a half inches. The height of it. Very top is gonna be about four inches. And the depth at the widest point is right about two inches. So what I'm going to do, is I have my phone here. I'm gonna turn my phone on. And now you can see right on my phone I have the SafetyEye app, so if I tap that, it's ready to go. So what I'm going to do is there's a button right here. If we push that button, the blue light will come on. And then what you might need to do, is go to your settings. And if you hit your wifi, you'll notice it'll pop up Sonics, if you just hit that that'll give you that connection we're talking about. Now if I go back to my SafetyEye, boom and there you can see, gives you a nice clear picture. So right now what I'm gonna do is have my co-worker take it outside, actually we're gonna walk down here and then she's gonna probably go out the back door. And I just wanna show you what type of camera view it'll give you. It's a very good picture. And you can see as she goes out through the studio, and it has like I mentioned a range of about 50 feet. I don't think she'll be going 50 feet, but she's going out the back door now just to show you the outside. And you can see is a very nice image and also if you want the lines on it, if you push that right there, there's your lines like you'd have on a back-up camera. If you don't want those, you can right here, if you push the camera here, that'll actually take a picture and you can keep that in your photos. But you can see as she comes back, it's a very excellent picture. And now what I'm going to do, is with the camera right here, I'll just turn it this way, and now what I'm gonna, turn off the overhead lights and you can see with the overhead lights it'll adapt to a nice, clear picture even with the lights off. So those infrared lights really help out giving it a nice clear view. Go ahead and turn back on the overhead lights And turn off my phone. And then I'll go ahead and turn off the camera itself. But that should do it for the review on this Rear View Safety Wireless Wifi Hitch Backup Camera System..

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