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Review of Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - Backup Camera Systems - RVS-770613-HD

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Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - Backup Camera Systems - RVS-770613-HD Review

Today we're going to take a look at the rear view safety, high definition backup camera system. Now this backup camera system is complete with everything shown here on the table. It comes with the seven inch high definition LCD color monitor. It comes with the two different mounts for it. This one I have installed on the swivel head pedestal mount, for surface mount. If you want to hang it up, it comes with a U-bracket mount for the monitor, if you prefer.

The camera comes with a 720P high definition waterproof backup camera. And comes with a remote control. Also, the power connection harness that has the RCA and power converter wires. It comes with a 66 foot long extension cable for the camera, and then the mounting hardware, and an installation manual that'll describe how it installs.We'll start with the monitor here. This is a seven inch high definition TFT LCD color monitor.

It comes with a super sharp digital display, gives you a pixel resolution of 1024 by 600. The buttons right down here at the bottom, they are also backlit, so they'll illuminate in the dark. And it does offer an auto-dimming feature, which will dim the screen in low light conditions. It does provide the distance grid lines that'll come standard on the monitor, and those grid lines are optional and adjustable so you can actually turn them on or off depending if you want to use them or not. And you can even adjust the length of the gridlines.It does offer a built-in speaker for video inputs and it's menu can be navigated with the buttons we mentioned, or the included remote.

The camera view can be triggered when this vehicle is put into reverse or you can do it so it will remain on continuously. Has a built in system memory, the system will automatically save previous option settings even after it's turned off. This sunshade that's on it, it can be removed very easily. If you don't want it on here, you just pop it right off. And again, the mounts we went over, it comes with the pedestal mount here, that you can attach to a surface.

And then if you loosen it, it'll adjust to any position you need. And it also comes with the bracket mount that you can take off the pedestal mount, put this on if you're going to hang it above.Now we'll go to the backup camera, which is the main feature on this. The backup camera, it's a very sharp color camera. It's built with heavy duty zinc metal. It'll protect the high definition lens and the microphone. It only weighs about 22 ounces and it is a commercial grade build. The viewing angle on this camera is 130 degrees in 720P high definition, which means you'll get the best quality image with no blind spots. They do also offer 18 infrared lights on each camera, it allows you to see up to 50 feet, even in the darkest of night. And they do put a foam around the lens that will guarantee no glare from the infrared lights. And this does meet an ip69k rating.It also has an adjustable sunshade that you can see right up at the top here, and it does come with the aircraft grade cable connectors. Few dimensions on these items, the overall width on the monitor is right about seven inches. The heighth on it is right at about five and a quarter inches. And the total depth on it, we won't include the sunshade, so the total depth on just the monitor is about an inch and a quarter.The camera itself, you can see, is very small. It's going to measure about three inches wide and it's going to be about one and three quarter inches tall. And the depth of it is only right about two inches deep, very small compact camera. But that should do it for the review on the rear view safety, high definition, backup camera system.