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Review of Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - Backup Camera Systems - RVS-770613-NM

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Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - Backup Camera Systems - RVS-770613-NM Review

Today we're taking a look at the rear view safety back up camera system. Now, this camera system would be a great addition to your vehicle, camper, or RV. It provides easy visibility from behind your vehicle which really helps increase overall awareness and safety. The kit comes with a seven inch LED monitor, very crisp imaging, with optional distance grid lines. Normal and mirror in its capability, and it also has a built in speaker on the back of the unit.It comes with a remote control for the monitor. All the options can be adjusted through the on-screen menu.

So, you can see it here, you have your power button, then you have your menu button, so that way you go through, change all your settings to however you want. You have your video select buttons, so you have camera input one, camera input two, and camera input three. You have your volume control. These are your up and down arrows, which also adjust your up and down movement within the menu option.And then you have REV which basically allows you to flip the image orientation on the monitor. But the camera has a really nice response time as well.

The monitor also features an auto-dimming feature, which automatically dims the monitor brightness based on ambient light. The monitor comes with two mounts, one is like a dash mount which I have it on now, and the other one is this mount right here, it will allow it to pivot. Also includes the sunshade to reduce glare.And then, this right here is your included camera. This is a CCD backup camera. Features 18 infrareds, which allows up to 50 feet of night vision.

So, even with the lights off you can see there, our monitor allows us to clearly see what the camera sees. It features an ultra wide 130 degree viewing angle. And it has a built in microphone, so not only can you see behind your vehicle, but you can hear from behind the vehicle as well. You can hear what's going on. Now, the only input, like I said there's three, the only input that allows audio to go through is camera input two.

So, keep that in mind.The camera is waterproof with an IP69K rating. Comes with a 20G vibration rating, and a 100G shock rating. The camera comes wit the mount, I just don't have it installed. And it also includes a sunshade to reduce glare. The kit comes with all necessary brackets, all necessary hardware, and all necessary wiring for installation. Again, the harness is a three port harness, that allows for the connection of two additional cameras. Additional cameras are sold separately, so this system will handle up to a total of three cameras.So, like I said, you get the camera, you get the monitor, you get the mounts, you get the brackets, you get all the necessary hardware. A lot of the hardware that you see laid here on the table goes with the brackets. You get the remote control, and then you also get a . This is around 65 feet of camera cabling, connects directly to the camera, and then right there. So, you've got some length here on the camera cable as well, you've got a grommet so when it passes through the vehicle, you can seal that hole up, keeping out dirt and moisture. But the camera cable connects to the extension cable, which measures around 65 feet long.That cable connects to this three port harness, and then that harness is what connects over here to the monitor. Now, I do have power and ground running to it because I wanted you to be able to see, so I'm gonna disconnect those. So, in this situation, our black wire is the ground wire, red wire is the power wire. They're all labeled. The brown is the trigger wire for input two, white is a trigger wire for input one, and then blue is a trigger wire for input three. It is fuse protected, plenty of wiring to work with, extremely safe unit. And again, it comes with everything you need for the installation.That's gonna do it for today's look at the rear view safety back up camera system.

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