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Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - Backup Camera Systems - RVS-770718 Review

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Review of Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms RVS-770718

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rear View safety backup camera system. Now, a backup camera system is a great system to have in place. It really helps to see those areas that are sometimes very difficult to see. Just keep in mind that a backup camera system is intended to be installed as a supplemental aid to the mirrors in and on your vehicle already. This system is complete with a 4.3-inch TFT LCD mirror monitor. The monitor will appear on the driver's side of the mirror, or the side that's closest to the driver.

It's going to feature your backup camera, and it's going to come with all necessary wires, connectors and mounts that you'll need. It's also going to come with a remote control that allows for easy adjustment and control of the system. Now, this system is completely weather-proof. It's going to feature an IP69K rating. It's very strong and reliable.

It's going to feature a shock-resistant design with a 20G vibration rating. I just want to go over some of the components real quick. The two main components is going to be the mirror monitor and our camera. This mirror monitor is designed to replace the existing rear-view mirror. It's going to give a very clean, factory OEM look. It's going to come with what you need to get this installed.

That's going to feature a very strong and durable design when it comes to the construction, and it's going to feature a 4.3-inch, color, TFT LCD screen. Again, that image or that screen will appear on the side of the mirror that's closest to the driver. It does feature mirror-image capability. It's also going to feature distance grid lines that are optional and adjustable, and it's going to have the power harness that connects to it. That's got this quick-connect design.

Very easy to make the connection. Just line up the arrows, slide the two connectors together. It's going to have this design, and this offers two camera inputs. Then you're going to have the backup camera. It's going to feature the adjustable sun shade on there. That's really going to help reduce glare. It's going to feature a built-in microphone. It's going to have 18 infrared lights. That's going to offer up to 50 feet of night vision. That's a nice, heavy-duty metal construction that has a protective finish on it, so you don't have to worry about rust or corrosion with this unit. It's also going to feature an auto-iris sensor. That allows the infrareds to adjust the strength based on outside light. It's going to offer 130-degree viewing angle, as well as 600 TV lines, so that's going to offer the best quality with no blind spots. This is also going to feature an IP69K rating. It's going to do a good job at keeping out dirt and moisture. It's also going to protect against close-range, high-pressure spray-downs. It's also going to feature a 20G vibration rating, and it's going to use your aircraft-grade cable connections, and it's going to have the built-in, rubber grommet. That way you can seal up the hole that you'll need to patch your wiring through. Really nice camera. Very well-built. Nice, strong, durable design. Multiple mounting holes right here, so mounting the unit's quick and easy as well. Again, it's going to come with all necessary hardware to get the unit installed. It's going to include the tools that are needed to get that done as well, or the Allen tools that fit the hardware that comes with the kit. You're also going to get some small zip ties. That way, you can secure the wiring harness, keeping it safe, up and out of the way. It's going to come with your mirror-monitor manual. It's going to come with, again, all necessary wires, connectors, and mounts. This wiring harness is your main harness. It's going to measure 66-feet long. That's going to run from the camera to the monitor. That measurement does not include the power-connection cable, which is this cable here. You have 66 feet, plus the length of this cable. It should be plenty of length for your application, and again, another neat feature is that it comes with your remote control to easily adjust and control the system. That's going to do it for today's look at the Rear View safety backup camera system.

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