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Review of Redarc Trailer Brake Controller - Tow Pro Liberty Proportional Controller - RED24FR

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Redarc Trailer Brake Controller - Tow Pro Liberty Proportional Controller - RED24FR Review

Jeff: Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we're going to take a look at this REDARC Tow-Pro Liberty electric brake controller. Now this brake controller will require minimal dash space, and it's very simple to install and operate. Has a nice factory look and feel like it always belongs in your dash. And this is a brake controller that will activate your trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicle's braking action. It'll automatically adjust the trailer's braking based on deceleration of your tow vehicle.

And it activates immediately so there's no pausing like with the time delay brake controllers.Now, this does include everything laid out here on the table. It includes the main unit, the remote head assembly, the three-foot long remote head cable, and the owner's manual that'll describes how it installs and how it operates. So, what I want to do is first, we're going to talk about the control knob right here. Let me zoom in just a little bit more, so you can see the detail on it. But this control knob will mount in your dash or other easy accessible area, and it allows for a nice fast and easy adjustment of the braking power with just the turn of the dial.Provides accessible manual override by just pressing the knob here to activate the manual override.

And it offers simple diagnostics with a nice bright colored LED that goes around there where the numbers are. So when this is plugged in, it'll light up. But basically right now, you can see I have it on a five. So what will happen is if you have a lighter trailer, you can just go down to a lower rating. When you hit zero, that means no braking.

And if you go all the way up, if you have a heavier trailer, you might want to increase it. Then five would be right in the middle. And again, to operate the manual, you just push in on that.Now the main unit, which is this portion right here, this box, this will install out of sight. There's no more banging your knee on a bulky controller, no interference with airbags or other vehicle accessories. And of course, no hard to reach override lever, or impossible to read screen.

This does include a three axis accelerometer. And this'll measure deceleration in all directions for precise braking and smooth uniform stopping action. And because of that, it can be mounted at any angle and it'll still accurately sense the deceleration of your vehicle.It does use active calibration technology, which means it continuously monitors your direction of travel, and it'll adjust your brake response accordingly. Now REDARC does offer a range of vehicle specific electric trailer brake controller wiring harnesses to provide a nice, easy plug and play installation of this Tow-Pro Liberty model to your vehicle. Basically you plug those wiring harnesses in for your particular vehicle, and then the other end into the factory brake controller port on your vehicle. And we'll teach you to use our website to find a harness for your application.Also available, they do offer a range of Tow-Pro wiring harnesses that allow quick and easy installation into vehicles that are already equipped with a Tekonsha, Curt, or Hopkins brake control harness. Now this kit does meet or exceed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 201 regulations for sustainability and safety. Few specs again on this, the application is for trailers with up to two axles, or four brake assemblies. It's designed for use with electric or electric over hydraulic trailer brakes. And it works with 12 volt vehicle electrical systems. Output voltage range on this unit is nine volts to 16 volts. Output current rating 18 amps continuous. And maximum charging voltage is 12 volts DC.The main unit itself, just to give you the dimensions on that, length on it from one end to the other is right at four inches. The width, including the mounting flanges, 3-1/4 inches. And then the overall height when it's installed is only about an 1-1/4 tall. But basically your cord here, just plug in the back like that. This cord here will plug into the back of the control know, just like that. And you can operate it. And again, it gives you three foot length of cord. You can just unplug it, and unplug it that way. But that should do it for the review on this REDARC Tow-Pro Liberty electric brake controller.

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