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Redline Enclosed Trailer Parts - Vents - HMAV2-AVT2 Review

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Review of Redline Enclosed Trailer Parts HMAV2-AVT2

Today, we're going to be taking a look at part number HMAV2-AVT2. This is the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent. The trailer vent is going to provide continuous ventilation for your enclosed trailer. To increase your ventilation, you can install more than 1 vent, but with this part number, you're going to get these 2 pieces. The 2-piece design is going to create a low-profile vent that's very attractive both inside and outside your trailer. The half-moon piece with the flat slotted side is going to attach to the trailer's exterior.

It's going to need to attach 6 areas, so you got 6 mounting holes. Hardware is sold separately. Slots are going to be located on 1 side only allowing you to position the vent for best air flow and to help prevent water from getting in. It is going to feature a small drain hole located on each side here at the corner, so that's going to let out any water that does get in. As long as you use some sealant and you have the slotted holes facing down, you really shouldn't have to worry about moisture or water getting inside the unit. Again, your hardware is sold separately as well as your sealant.

We sell both of those products here on our website, so you can pick up some of those while you're here. This is your exterior piece. The round piece, this is going to be your interior piece. It is slotted, so that's going to allow really good air flow. You can easily trim the vent tube; that's this portion right here, to fit thinner walls if needed and to allow for better air flow. Interior piece, exterior piece, with the wall in between the two pieces.

You just want part of this sitting in this cradle right here to allow better air flow. Again, that can be trimmed to fit thinner walls as well as to provide better air flow or better air circulation. From inside of the trailer, this is all you're going to see, and then from the exterior, you're just going to see this half-moon piece, so it does add a really nice finished look. It's black in color. It's made from a UV resistant polypropylene plastic construction so it's going to stand up well to the elements. Just want to go over some measurements real quick.

This unit's designed to fit a 3-inch diameter hole in your enclosed trailer. The half-moon piece is going to give us a measurement from edge to edge going this direction of 8 inches, edge to edge going this direction top to bottom of 6 inches. It's going to give us a depth; this is how far it's going to stick out from the mounting surface of an 1-1/4 inch. Again, the half-moon piece is going to contain 6 mounting holes. The circular piece is going to give us an overall diameter 4-1/8 of an inch. The vent tube outside edge to outside edge is going to measure 2-15/16 of an inch. The tube depth is going to measure 1-1/2 inch. Mounting flange on the circular piece is going to measure 5/8 of an inch. That's going to have 3 mounting locations. The mounting flange on the half-moon piece, that's going to measure 1/2 inch. Again, your mounting hardware and the sealant are going to be sold separately. That's going to do it for today's review of part number HMAV2-AVT2. This is the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent. .

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