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Redline Trailer Spindles - Agricultural Spindle - AS1500E Review

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Review of Redline Trailer Spindles AS1500E

Today were going to review part number AS1500E. This is the Redline Agricultural trailer spindle. This is a round spindle. This spindle will come complete with the spindle washer, a castle nut and the cotter pin. This agricultural spindle will have a 1,500-pound weight capacity and there are a few dimensions that will need to be taken if youre going to replace the agricultural spindle on your trailer. You want those dimensions to match up to get you the correct part and most of these will be in 1/100s of an inch so I am going to use this digital caliper to record those measurements.

First, I want to give you some lengths. The length of this stub part which is here to here is going to be 5 3/8 inches. The total overall length on this is going to 10 inches. Now well measure some diameters for you. The diameter of this stub back here is going to be 1.62.

The measurement of the grease sealed dimension which is right here is going to be 1.50. Then the measurement of the inner bearing surface which will be right here is going to be 1.25. The measurement of the outer bearing surface which is right here is going to be 0.75. Then the diameter of the threaded portion of the spindle right here is also 0.75 or of an inch. The threads that is used on the of this agricultural spindle would measure of an inch x 16 threads per inch and it is a UNF or a fine thread.

That should do it for our review on part A1500E.