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Review of Redline Trailer Suspension APT6SE

Today we're going to take a look at the Tandem-Axle Trailer Hanger Kit for two inch slipper springs, with the 12 inch long equalizers. Now, this leaf-spring mounting kit will include a 3 3/4 inch tall front hangers, the 3 3/8 inch center hangers, the 5 1/6 inch tall rear hangers, and all your necessary hardware to install it. The equalizers themselves, are 12 inches long. Now, this part will attach four leaf-springs to your trailer frame. The leaf-springs we do sell separately. Now, on the product page of this part number, if you use the table at the bottom of the product page, that will help determine your hanger location, based on the type of leaf-springs you use. This part will achieve 4-1/2 inches or 4-3/4 inch clearance between your trailer frame and axle, depending on your axle size. It includes all these parts shown here.

I'm going to try to go through them all here, to show you what they go to. We'll start with the tall front hangers right here. There's two of them, they're 3-3/4 inches. The way that's measured, is you measure from the center of the hole to the top of the bracket, so there's your 3-3/4 inch front hangers. The tall ones, right here, those are the rear hangers. There's two of those.

They're 5-1/6 inches, so center, there's your 5-1/6 inches on the rear hangers. The two right here, the center hangers, these are 3-3/8 inches. Again, we'll center, there's your 3-3/8 inches. The 12 inch long straight equalizers, right here, we'll go ahead and put a ruler on those. You can see 12 inches in length. Now, the hole, right here, the larger hole, is a 7/8 inch diameter center hole.

That's for mounting the hanger to. Basically, when you put your hanger in there, that's where that would go. The holes on the side, these are for attaching the spring to. Those are 9/16 diameter side holes. Also, comes with the eight 3-1/2 inch long 9/16 diameter shackle bolts, the 8-9/16 diameter lock nuts. Now, it does come with the large 7/8 inch diameter equalizer bolts.

There's two of those. These are what would be used when you put your, to your equalizer. You just run them through, just like that. Then, once you get it through, you have it just like that. Also, comes with the castle nuts that will go on the end; two castle nuts, 7/8 inch diameter. Then two cotter pins that would go in there once you get the castle nut tightened correctly. Now, this is designed for use on trailers with tandem 3,500 to 8,000 pound axles. It does not include the components for mounting the axle to the springs. That should do it for the review on the Tandem-Axle Trailer Hanger Kit, for two inch slipper springs, with the 12 inch long equalizers.

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did not mention what end of the equalizer is for the slipper side of the spring and what end is for the eye end of the spring. 69951

Reply from Chris R.

Thanks for the feedback! The "eye" end of the slipper spring will attach to the side of the equalizer that has the upper mounting bolt hole. The slipper/arched end will then rest on a keeper bolt that's mounted through the side with the lower bolt hole. 57072

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