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Reese Gooseneck 9464 Review

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Review of Reese Accessories and Parts 9464

Today we're going to review part number 9464. This is the Draw-Tite Hide-A-Goose Gooseneck Hitch Head with a thirty thousand pound weight capacity. This part includes everything showing here, the gooseneck hitch ball, the magnetic cover, the carriage bolts to install it to the rails on your vehicle, and the U-bolts, the safety chain U-bolts that would install in here, and a set of instructions, very good detailed instructions. This gooseneck trailer hitch is perfect for your heavy duty towing needs. It is an under-bed design which will ensure full access to your truck bed. Only the ball and the chain loops are visible in the truck bed when this hitch is set up to tow. Basically if you go to install the hitch ball you'll see there's a slot on the one side, there's an indentation in the opening so just line that up, drop it into place, release the handle, and a pin will come across to lock it into place and you're ready to tow.

When you're not towing with it you can actually store this hitch ball upside down in there. Pull the handle open. Now this handle is accessible on the wheel well of your vehicle. This will help you easily engage and disengage the pin that locks the ball into place. With it open now we can slide the ball on.

If you want to store it you can store it upside down. There's a little handle here you can hold onto, and again, just get that slot lined up with the indentation. Drop it upside down, move your handle, it'll lock it into place, and then you have a magnetic cover that's included. As you can see you can just put it over there and this will help protect the ball while it's being in the stored position. Now on the gooseneck ball itself you can see that it has a round shank that slides into this round sleeve opening on the hitch. This will provide a tighter fit than the square design and it helps reduce rattle and boost durability.

Now the safety chains, which are right here, are basically spring loaded. When you install them they'll have springs underneath so it'll hold the safety chains and U-bolts down up against there. It'll keep them flush with the truck bed when you're not using them. When you go to use them you just pull up on them, hook your safety chains on, and it'll hold the safety chains into place. When you're done just lift up, remove the safety chains, and they'll pull back down flush with the truck bed. Now this is a custom hitch which is designed specifically for your vehicle so it does require a custom rail kit for your vehicle for installation.

We do sell those separately. What you'll need to do is go onto our website and our fit guide, put in your year, make, and model of vehicle and it'll pull up the rail kit that is needed for your vehicle to install this onto it. Now you will have to also . It does require to cut a three and a half inch diameter hole in your truck bed to have access to this opening, and then to drill four, nine-sixteenths hole to install the safety chain loops. This hitch is a steel construction with a nice black powder coat finish which is very sturdy and corrosion resistant. A few specs on this: the gross towing weight capacity is thirty thousand pounds. The vertical load limit is seventy-five hundred pounds. Again, it uses the standard gooseneck ball size of a two and five-sixteenths diameter. Again, just to show you, if you release the handle the pin will come across, lock it into place, and you'll be ready to tow. When you don't need to tow and you just want to store it pull that handle, slide it back to lock it open, flip it over, store it upside down, move the handle to lock it into place, take your magnetic cover, then you have full truck bed access. That should do it for the review on part number 9464 the Draw-Tite Hide-A-Goose Gooseneck Hitch Head with the thirty thousand pound weight capacity. .