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Review of Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - Pin Box Upgrade - RP94716

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Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - Pin Box Upgrade - RP94716 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Reese Goose Box Fifth-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Air Ride Coupler Adapter, for the Lippert 1621 pin boxes. It has a 16,000 pound weight capacity. Now this unique coupler will let you tow your fifth-wheel trailer with your gooseneck hitch. The Goose Box will replace the standard pin box on your fifth-wheel trailer and this is an air ride equipped pin box to ensure that there's less stress put on your trailer's frame than is typical with the traditional kingpin adapters. Basically you just simply replace your trailer's existing pin box by bolting on this Goose Box and you're ready to go. This is endorsed by Lippert Components, so it will not affect the warranty on their trailer frames.Right down here, where the pivot tube is, they do use a fully-enclosed airbag and on the very back they have dual shock absorbers to provide cushion and absorb any road shock.

That'll improve your handling and overall ride and it decreases both the vertical shock, or the bounce, and the longitudinal shock, which is the chucking. It does limit the strain on your truck and trailer frames and this airbag in here can be adjusted just for the right amount of support.There is an airbag inflation indicator right here, if you look in this hole. When it shows all black, like it is now, that means there's low air pressure in there, so you need to put more air in there. You'd do that by hooking your air hose to this, pump in some air, and then the airbag will fill up. You want to watch inside here and when you look in there, if it starts showing white, you want to get it to where it's half white and half black, that'll be your nominal air pressure.

If it's all white, that's going to be too much air pressure, so you want to reduce it some. You always want to have it showing about half white and half black.The pivot tube right down here that goes onto the gooseneck ball, this will help minimize jarring by allowing fore and aft movement. In the very back there's a grease inaudible 00:01:45 fitting for lubrication, and there's also holes right down here. Where this handle is, there's a hole here and handle 00:01:51 over here, you can actually put a padlock through there if you want to secure it, so keep anybody from trying to steal your trailer.This is a simple bolt-on installation, includes all the mounting hardware to install it. It is a sturdy steel construction, it's powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Now this is designed to replace the following pin boxes. It will replace the Lippert 0719, the Lippert 1621, and the Lippert 1621HD. Now this will also work on the Lippert pin box 1716, but it does require a spacer kit, and we do sell that separately if you want that. We sell it separately on our website, it's part number RP61301, and it's listed on this product page as a related product. Towing capacity on this pin box is 16,000 pounds, tongue weight capacity 3,200 pounds, and it is designed on the standard gooseneck diameter ball size of two-and-five-sixteenths of an inch.Just to show you how to hitch up with this and to unhitch, basically what you want to do is when you go to hitch it, you ensure that the coupler handle's in the lock position.

You can see it shows green, it says 'lock', so the handle is in that position. Then you want to make sure the cable will not interfere with it, so you keep it in the lock position. Then what you'll do is you'll lower this coupler onto the gooseneck ball, the handle will then automatically open, and then it'll snap shut over the ball. You just want to make sure that the handle has returned forward and it shows in the lock position before you're towing.Then if you want to unhitch it, you just take this handle right here with the cable and then you'll pull this handle until it goes to the red, or unlock position, pull it all the way back, and then there's a little retainer here that'll hook right on to this and hold it in the unlock position. That'll allow you to raise the trailer off the goose ball and then you just release the cable and it'll go back into lock position. Now if necessary, you can adjust this cable stop by loosening a small set screw and moving that cable stop and re-tightening.It's very simple to hitch it up and to unhitch it.That should do it for the review on the Reese Goose Box Fifth-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Air Ride Coupler Adapter for the Lippert 1621 Pin Box and has a 16,000 pound weight capacity.

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