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Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - Pin Box Upgrade - RP61410 Review

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Review of Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin RP61410

Today we're going to review part number RP61410. This is the Sidewinder fifth wheel king pin with the rotating turret and the spacers. This premium fifth wheel pin box coupler will replace your trailer's king pin for worry free turning with short bed trucks. This part number actually will include the spacers, and these spacers will mount on either side of the turret to increase it's width so it can be used with fifth wheel pin boxes that measure 12-1/2" wide. And those pin boxes that this is designed to be used on are the following: It's the Fabex 500, the 503, the 520, the 560, the 730, and the 765. Also the Lippert 1116, 1716, and 0115, and the RBW 7019, and the 7028.

Now normally when towing with a standard king pin, the fifth wheel trailer will turn or pivot where the king pin is connected to the hitch. But when you use this Sidewinder, the truck and trailer are prevented from pivoting at the hitch with a locking wedge that's included. It installs right behind the pivot, keeps it from pivoting there. And instead the pivot point is located closer to the tailgate, creating much more space in between the truck cab and the trailer on sharp turns. Basically this Sidewinder turret will move it back from the center of the king pin to the center of the turret, would be 22" center to center to the back of the truck, so that you can easily make 90-degree or more turns, even with a short bed truck.

Now also this extra space that it will give you in your truck bed will become available for more cargo, such as tool boxes, which couldn't fit before. And the new pivot point makes the trailer track better behind the truck for even easier towing. Also, there's no need to get out of your truck to throw a switch, push a button, or mount a fifth wheel slider. Basically this Sidewinder and turret assembly with the spacers will bolt onto your fifth wheel trailer pin box. The king pin will connect to a standard fifth wheel trailer hitch, and it will allow for easy hookup and disconnect at any angle.

The included locking wedge, which will mount down here underneath the Sidewinder, right behind the king pin, is included. It'll prevent the king pin from rotating. Now some fifth wheel hitches may require a custom wedge. We do sell the custom wedges sold separately. Normally they're listed as a related product on this product page for this part number.

Now this is a one-piece streamlined construction. The C-channel design right here of the Sidewinder will provide more stability and strength than your standard pin box, and it's able to support heavier loads. Now this part is made in the USA. The weight capacity is 16,000 lbs. It does have a 3-year limited warranty. Now also just to note, listed on the product page for this part number, there are some fifth wheel hitches that the Sidewinder will not work with, but we do list them. And they also list that this Sidewinder will not work with any of the gooseneck to fifth wheel adaptors. Now there's also listed on the product page a clearance formula that you can calculate using the measurements on your truck and your trailer to ensure proper clearance of using this will give you the proper clearance to get you the 90-degree or larger turning radius. And basically these spacer plates, the hardware does come with them, would just mount right on here, and the other one would mount right over here. And what the spacer plates do, they basically will increase the width of this turret to fit on the 12-1/2" wide pin boxes that I mentioned earlier. But that should do it for the review on part number RP61410, the Sidewinder fifth wheel king pin with the rotating turret and the spacers.

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