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Review of Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - Upgraded Pin Box - RP34FR

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Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - Upgraded Pin Box - RP34FR Review

Hi, there. I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at the Reese Sidewinder fifth wheel pin box with rotating turret. Now, this is gonna be a great option for those of you who have a short bed pickup truck and are wanting to tow your fifth wheel trailer. One of the common problems of having that short bed pickup truck is that your fifth wheel hitch is gonna sit so close to your cab that you're really not gonna have a whole lot of room to make turns before your trailer makes contact with the edge of your cab. So that's where this pin box is gonna come in and help solve that issue.

It is going to transfer the pivot point from your king pin back to your rotating turret. So instead of rotating on the king pin here, this is going to stay steady, and your rotation is gonna happen back here at the turret. So that's gonna give you 22 more inches to work with so that you're gonna have a lot more turning radius before you have to worry about contact. So it'll allow you to make that 90-degree turn and all those other tight turns. This is not gonna be your only option if you have that short bed pickup truck.

There are other options like a sliding fifth wheel hitch. The downside of a slider is that if it's a manual slider, you're gonna have to get out and make the adjustments. But even with an automatic slider that you don't have to adjust, there's a lot of moving components there. So it can be kinda noisy, and the more components you have, the more that could fail on you. So having a piece like this is gonna be really nice.

It's just gonna have that one pivot point so that everything is nice and smooth. You're not gonna have to worry about potential damage and those sort of things. Another nice part of this is that it's also going to make sure that all your weight is still centered in front of your rear axle, so you're not gonna have to worry about your load distribution or anything there. This does have a max towing weight of 20,000 pounds. So still gonna give you a great option for your fifth wheel.

It's got a max pin weight of 5,000 pounds. So it's gonna be a great option for you if you're wanting to make sure that you can still pull that fifth wheel trailer with that short bed pickup truck. As far as getting this installed, it's gonna be very simple. This is going to replace your current pin box. Your turret here is going to slide onto those side plates or wing plates that are mounted on your trailer so that you can get it hooked up. This is going to work as a replacement for the pin boxes that you see on the screen there. So if you have any of those pin boxes, this is going to work for you to replace those to make sure that you get more of a turning radius for your short bed pickup truck. Now, one thing that you'll wanna keep in mind with this kinda system, your pivot point is going to switch from your king pin back to your turret, so you wanna immobilize that king pin. You don't wanna have two pivot points. Otherwise, your trailer could potentially come out of alignment, be parallel with your truck at some point, and that's obviously not gonna be a good situation. So in order to immobilize that king pin, they do have a wedge included. That wedge sits right down here. You can see right next to our king pin. So this you are going to have to install. They've included it here with the pin box, but you are going to install it yourself so that you can get it nice and snug in that funnel of your hitch to make sure that it's going to hold in place and create a nice solid connection so that we don't have to worry about any sort of pivoting around our king pin. Once you get this all hooked up, connected to your hitch, specifically, if you we're to ever switch hitches, get a different vehicle, or different hitch for your vehicle, you will need to readjust this to make sure that it's fitting in that new hitch correctly. But once this is all hooked up, set up where you need it to be, it's gonna be very easy for you to hook up and disconnect your trailer. The king pin is gonna still slide right into your trailer hitch from almost any angle. You're not gonna have to worry about that. This wedge that they've included is gonna work for almost all of your fifth wheel trailer hitches, including your Reese and your Pro Series fifth wheel hitches. Now, there are some hitches that do require a custom wedge. If you need a custom wedge for your hitch, we do sell those separately, but you can find 'em here at But with that same principle in mind of not wanting to have two pivot points, this is not gonna work if you have a fifth wheel gooseneck adapter because that's still gonna allow your head adapter to pivot on that ball. So you're not gonna be able to use it with that. There's also several other hitches that you can see on the screen there that this is not gonna work with for similar reasons, just because those would allow a lot of movement there at the king pin area that we don't want to allow to make sure that everything is nice and sturdy so that our turret is taking that rotation and it's working functionally. This is gonna be very simple to maintain. We're just gonna have to keep our king pin and our screw and our pivoting shaft lubricated. So it can be very easy to do. This is a nice steel construction with a black powder coat finish, so it should hold up well, do a good job for you. One thing to note when you get this, it's going to ship just the same way it's gonna ship to your OEM trailer manufacturers. So on the backside here, we're gonna have two bolts. I've got them removed already for you, but those are going to lock your turret into place. So it's basically just gonna be a normal fifth wheel pin box. You're gonna have to remove those two bolts in order for that turret to rotate, give you that Sidewinder functionality. They just install those for the OEM manufacturers, so they can transport them around the lots and things easier without having to install that wedge and customize it for their hitch. So when you get this, you will have to remove those bolts. They are a 1 1/8-inch bolt, so you're gonna need a 1 1/8-inch socket to get those removed. So something to keep in mind there. It will not function as the Sidewinder if you don't remove those. So a very important thing to note. This does come with a limited lifetime warranty from Reese. So overall, I think it's gonna be a great option if you do have that short bed truck. Really, if you don't, if you're just wanting more clearance, giving you that offset pivot point, I think this is gonna be a great option for you. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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