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Reese Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - RP30054 Review

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Review of Reese Fifth Wheel RP30054

Today we're going to review part number RP30054. This is the Reese 30,000 lbs. Low Profile FifthWheel Trailer Hitch. Now this fifth wheel hitch is engineered for your medium duty and your cabinchassis type trucks. The hitch will mount directly to the truck frame; there are no base rails needed.Now, when this is installed, welding and fabrication may be required for installation. The design ofthis hitch has a low profile design which will permit trailering just above the truck deck.

Thesebrackets on the side here that that center mounts to has three sets of holes, so it will give you a 3range of height adjustment to fit multiple applications. Right now I have it bolted into the very topset of holes, so that would give you the maximum trailer hitch height which is 12 , basically, fromyour truck bed to your hitch. Now if you dropped it down to the very bottom set of holes, that wouldbe you lowest. That would be 9 . So from the truck bed to the hitch height would be 9 , sotheres a range of 3.Now this hitch does have a dual jaw design and thatll provide more jaw to kingpin contact than yourslide bar models.

This will give you less rattle, greater security. Basically I just want to show you howthe jaws operate. You just lift up on this safety latch. That will allow the handle to move in and out.So, basically, if you just pull out This handles a nice, readily accessible, lockable handle which has acomfort grip. So, basically, we just pull out on that.

You'll see the jaws open. When you pull it out farenough theres a notch there that it would lock into place so the jaws stay open, and the hitch is nowready for the kingpin to install into the hitch head. So, basically, if you back up, the kingpin wouldslide in. Once its in, just release your handle. The dual jaws would close and wrap around thekingpin.

Once its all installed, if you flip this latch down, that would keep the handle from moving inand out.Another little feature is this latch will have a hole drilled right here and theres a tab on the hitchhead with a hole, so when you push that latch to close, those holes would line up and you can put apin and clip through there, or you could even put a padlock for additional security. That would besold separately. Now also, this hitch head will move front to back, and the other nice feature is itdoes have a side tilt, and thatll create a smooth ride and reduce stress on the truck frame. If I canshow you that. Basically you'll be able to see it goes side to side. Without it connected to a trailer,its hard to move, but basically the way thats able to do that is this hitch head is mounted to thisrocker plate. The rocker plate has an arc design to it, so when you set that whole head and rockerplate into the hitch mount, on each side of this plate in the middle here there are two rollers overhere and two rollers over there, so when you drop that arced plate onto those rollers, you put thesebig pins through with the clips. Thatll keep in place and it allows that rocker plate to rock back andforth over those rollers, so it gives you a nice side-tilt motion.Now this hitch head is a black powder coat finish, which will help resist corrosion. And again, as I wasmentioning, you can actually pull these clips, pull these long pins out, and you can actually pick upand remove the rocker plate and the hitch head; its all one unit. Just move it to the side and thenyou have access through your mounting bracket for if you have a folding goose-neck hitch in yourtruck, that can still be used if its underneath your hitch mount here. Now this part is made in theUSA. It does have a gross towing weight capacity of 30,000 lbs thats on the hitch. The capacity, ofcourse, can be limited to that of the vehicle you'd be installing it in. It does have a vertical load limitor pin weight of 7,500 lbs. Again, we mentioned the hitch height, anywhere from 9 to 12 .It does come with a five year limited warranty. And I just want to give you a couple of measurementshere. These mounting brackets have square holes drilled in them for mounting to your truck frame.The distance from the center, back, front to back, centre to center on these mounting holes is 15,and the distance side to side from the mounting holes on this bracket to the mounting holes overhere is going to be about 25.That should do it for the review on part number RP30054. This is the Reece 30,000 lbs. Low ProfileFifth Wheel Trailer Hitch. .