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Reese Gooseneck - Gooseneck for Fifth Wheel Rails - RP30845 Review

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Review of Reese Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters RP30845

Today we're going to review part number RP30845. This is the Reese Elite Series Above Bed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch. This trailer hitch is specifically designed for use with the Reese Elite System or Signature Series Rail System. This is easy to mount, easy to remove. It's an above-bed gooseneck trailer hitch. It's perfect for heavy duty towing, especially if you already have the Elite Series or the Signature Series Fifth-Wheel Hitch. It's an above-bed gooseneck hitch.

It's sturdy and durable, has a strong steel frame which is powder coated, and it has this plastic cover right here. I'll just lift this off. This is a plastic cover and this will help recover the hitch to help resist inclement weather and offers a clean slate look to the hitch itself. I'm just going to set this aside for right now so I can show how this hitch attaches. This is designed to be used on the Elite Series Custom Under Bed Rail Kit, uses the puck system. We do sell those separately. This will allow uninhibited use of your truck bed when this hitch is removed.

The puck system right here allows easy mounting and removal of the hitch. Right here you can see it has these handles to help you remove the hitch and install it. You can also use these handles right here as built in safety chain brackets, also. Basically this has a gross towing weight capacity of 25,000 pounds, a vertical load limit capacity of 6,250 pounds, but you do have to remember that the capacity will be limited to whatever that is of the rail kit. Usually the rail kits are made to the vehicle that it's going on, so the lowest rate capacity will be what will limit you. The ball side uses the standard size 2-5/16 diameter gooseneck ball and this ball does rotate. The reason they do that is help as far as binding when you hook the gooseneck cup up to it.

Since it rotates, it will eliminate a lot of the binding that you run into to. Just to show you how this installs and removes. You take this pin and clip off right here, and in the same way on this side just remove this pin and clip. With these handles, when they're in this position they're locked, so secured to the rails. When you swing these open, just like that, what that does is that tab in there will move out of the way and allow you to pick up this. We'll swing both of these out of the way. With it like that, you'll see that the tabs will align up with the puck system and it will come right out.

Very simple. If you remove it completely, you'll have your full truck bed access. When you go to install it, what you want to do is, just make sure these are in the open position, just like that. With them in the open position, you've head they fell right down into the puck system. Then to lock it, if you're going to tow with it, just pull this back in, pull this in. You'll see that these holes will align up. Go ahead and put your pin and clip in there, just like that, and the same way over here.You'll close these to lock them into position. Go ahead and put your pin and clip in, then you'll see with them in that lock position. When you try to lift it up, it won't go anywhere; it's secured to the rails. That should do it for the review on part number RP30845. It's the Reese Elite Series Above Bed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch. .

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