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Reese Novelty - Vehicle Emblem - 86094 Review

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Review of Reese Novelty 86094

Today, we're going to review part number 86094. This is the Ford LED Lighted Vehicle Emblem made by Reese. This is an officially licensed Ford logo, which will add a stylish touch to your vehicle. It will replace your standard OEM Ford emblem on the rear of the vehicle. Underneath the Ford name, it has red LED's which will light up, and gives your vehicle some flash, and to make it more visible, as well as to alert other drivers to slow down or stop when you do. It does have the low illumination, so while you're using your tail lights,they'll be on low.

And when it goes to a high illumination,is when you brake or engage the hazard lights. It does use energy efficient LED's, which are very long lasting. If you see on the back here, it does actually have a . You can peel that off and it's a double-faced sticky tape that it'll stick onto. It is a corrosion resistant plastic construction with a metallic coating that becomes transparent when the lights are activated, and if you notice, there's a wire on the back.

It's about a four foot length of wire that you will hard wire into your vehicle's tail light assembly. It has the white for ground, a brown wire for the power to the tail lights, and the red wire for the brake lights. Now, the application for this is designed for Ford vehicles, and it is for use on the rear of the vehicle only. The dimension is nine inches wide, three and a half inches tall, and it does come with a ninety day warranty. So, I do have a twelve volt power source here. What I'm going to do is connectour wires just to give you an idea of how bright the light will be.

So once we get all our wires hooked up, we're going to go ahead and turn off our overhead lights. Now with our overhead lights off, I'm going to turn on . You'll be able to see . There it is with just the tail lights on, very low illumination, and then when you apply your brakes, you'll be able to see. It gets a lot brighter.

That is with the brakes applied. Okay. We'll just go ahead and turn our lights back on, and disconnect our twelve volt power source, and that should do it for the review on part number 86094, the Ford LED Lighted Vehicle Emblem by Reese.

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