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Review of Reese Novelty - Vehicle Emblem - RP8609344

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Reese Novelty - Vehicle Emblem - RP8609344 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Ram Chrome LED Lighted Vehicle Emblem. Now this is an officially licensed LED lighted Ram logo, which will replace your factory emblem on your tailgate to add a nice stylish touch to your vehicle. This can also be installed in addition to your OEM emblem if you prefer. This part will include everything here on the table, the lighted logo emblem with wiring, the conversion module, three wire taps, a ring terminal, a screw, some cable ties, and a nice set of installation instructions. Now this is a light up insignia that will activate when running lights are on and it'll brighten when the brake pedal is pressed. Now I am going to hook this up to some power just to show you how that operates.

Basically it'll give you the low illumination while you're using your tail lights and then a high illumination when you brake or turn on your hazard lights.It is a nice chrome metallic coating, appears transparent when the lights are activated. Does use red LEDs which are long lasting and energy efficient. It is a durable plastic, it's corrosion resistant. It is a stick on application. You can see it has the pre-applied heavy duty tape on it and the emblem does hardwire into your vehicle's taillights with the included connectors.

Now some vehicles will require the removal of the back paneling. To access the wiring. Other vehicles you may have to drill an access hole to run the wiring. What we do recommend is to use a circuit tester to identify your vehicle's wire functions.Now also one other note is if your vehicle has a two wire system, which is one that the one wire is used for both the brake and the turn signal function, you do want to install this conversion module to ensure correct performance. Again, the application for this is Ram vehicles.

Few dimensions, overall width of it is going to be right at 5 3/4" wide. The height at the widest point is going to be 6 1/4" tall. So what we're going to do, go ahead and take some 12 volt power wires and again, the Brown wire is going to be for your tail lights.The white wire will be your ground wire, and then the red wire will be your your brake. Okay, with those all attached. I'll go ahead and turn on the power and you can see the light comes on.

I'm going to go ahead and turn it off and now you can see the low illumination. That's for when your tail lights are on. And then when you apply your brakes, oops, wrong switch. There we go. When you apply your brakes, you'll see how the logo actually brightens or also as I mentioned your hazard lights will brighten it. Go ahead and turn off our power. Turn back on our overhead lights, but that should do it for the review on the Ram Chrome LED Lighted vehicle Emblem.

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