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Reese Weight Distribution - WD With Sway Control - RP66075 Review

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Review of Reese Weight Distribution RP66075

Today we'll be reviewing part number RP66075. This is the Reese Weight Distribution. It's going to be a Strait-Line Weight Distribution System with Sway Control, that's going to be a Trunnion Bar design. This right here are going to be the sway control, the dual-cam sway control system. The entire system is designed to evenly distribute weight over the axles of the tow vehicle and the trailer for stability and control. It's going to create a more level ride for both the tow vehicle and the trailer. It's going to feature the automatically self-adjusting, self-centering sway control, it's going to work in a variety of situations. When it comes to straight-line movement, the cams are actually going to lock in the position to hold trailer steady despite the crosswinds. When you're cornering, the cams will automatically unlock and slide to allow full-radius turns and then when you have those moments where you can't avoid a sudden swerve, the cams actually seek a straight line angle to help stabilize the trailer. The heavy-duty system is ideal for commercial and industrial use.

It is designed for heavy-duty towing with 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" trailer hitch receivers. The sway control system is going to bolt onto an A-frame trailer tongue and it's going to attach to the lift brackets using the chains. So real quick, you can see how this portion would swing up, it's going to attach to your trailer frame. It's going to have a set screw at the back and then it's going to have two screws right up here on the other side of the bracket, so on the outside portion of the frame of your trailer. All the hardware that you need to get the sway control system installed is included in the bag and so it has everything that you're going to need to get it installed to the trailer. It's also going to feature the lift brackets so one end of the chain is going to be on the lift bracket, the other end is going to be attached to the dual-cam sway control system and again, it's going to be the same on both sides. The sway control again, is going to bolt on to the A-frame trailer tongue. It's going to attach to the lift brackets using the frame.

Great thing about this system is this is not going to use any U-bolts or platforms, so that way you don't have to worry about it interfering with frame-mounted items such as gas tanks, toolboxes or generators. The trunnion bars are a hot rolled designed and are tapered for superior strength and flexibility. So the bars will flex appropriately over uneven terrain for a controlled, even ride and then the sway control cams are going to provide attachment points for the spring bars, so you can see how it sits over the dual-cam sway control system because it has that tapered in. The head assembly is going to feature a forged, raised ball platform that's going to eliminate the need for a raised hitch ball. The adjustable spring-bar tension is very easy to take advantage of. All you have to do is just change out the links in the chain so you can adjust it as needed; that way you can make those tuned adjustments simply by increasing or decreasing the links that you have set right here. I had it set like that and if I need to increase the tension or make some adjustments, I can simply just take the chain and I can switch the link that I have hooked on to the lift bracket. Another great feature about this system is you can easily get the tilt that you need with the serrated-washer design here at the head assembly, so you don't to worry about piling on washer after washer.

It's going to feature two washers right here. They have teeth in them that dig in to the teeth on the head assembly. Its going to allow you to get that angle and tilt that you need very easily. Real quick while we're back here, it's also going to come with a shim; you can use this when you need to fill any gap between the head and the hitch bar. It would slide right in here, you'd run the bolts through the holes and you'd get that to line up right in the .. there's a lot of detailed information on that in the instructions that comes with the weight distribution system. The system is going to include the sway control cams, the head assembly, the lift brackets, the spring bars, the lift chains.

It's also going to feature a snap up handle that way you can get the chains up in the place. It just goes over that portion right there. It's going to allow you to lift it up into place that way you can attach the pins that I already have installed. Then when you need to disengage the chains, you can use that leverage handle to bring the chains back down and easily disconnect them from the life brackets. The adjustable shank and the trailer hitch ball are going to be sold separately. This is going to use a hitch ball with threaded shank and it's going to need to be 1-1/4" in diameter. This is going to offer a towing weight of 1,000 lbs to 1,700 lbs; with a gross towing weight of 17,000 lbs. Again, it is designed to fit a 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" trailer hitch receivers thats rated for use with the weight distribution system. When choosing the shank, we offer a couple of great suggestions underneath the related products, on the right-hand side of this product's product page. You can check those out, that way you can get the appropriate shank that you need to get the weight distribution head attached to it if you don't already have one. When positioning the left brackets, you're going to want to position them about 30" back from the hitch ball, so you'll do that measure on each side of your trailer frame. The brackets are going to go over the frame and then you're going to tighten down the set bold back here and get it nice and secure up against the frame of your trailer. Keep in mind that it's going to require approximately 5 1/2" of space along the trailer frame to get the lift bracket positioned and it will not fit trailer frames wider than 2 1/2". Once again, all the hardware that you need to get this installed it's going to come with it so you don't need to purchase anything separately to get it mounted. The only thing it doesnt come with is it does not come with the hitch ball or the adjustable shank. Everything is made from a nice steel construction, very heavy duty. It's going to last a long time. It's got a really nice powder coated finish on so it's going to stand up really well against rust and corrosion, for riding you many years of use out of the system. That's going to do it for our review of part number RP66075. This is the Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution System with the Sway Control. .

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