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Reese Weight Distribution - WD With Sway Control - RP66082 Review

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Review of Reese Weight Distribution RP66082

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Reese Straight-Line Weight Distribution system with sway control. This weight distribution system has a maximum tongue weight capacity of 600 pounds and a gross tongue weight capacity of 10,000 pounds. It is designed for a two inch by two inch hitch that's rated for use with weight distribution systems and it's going to be covered with a limited lifetime warranty. This is going to help evenly distribute weight over the axles of your tow vehicle and trailer, which is going to offer better stability and better control. Ultimately a weight distribution system is going to create a more level ride for both the tow vehicle and the trailer. It's also going to help correct tow vehicle sag and it's going to improve steering and stopping. This does come with your dual cam sway control which is a self-adjusting, self-centering system that works in a variety of situations.

The sway control is going to bolt onto the bottom of your A-frame trailer tongue. It's going to attach to the lift brackets with the chains. Easy attachment there. Comes with the necessary hardware to make that connection. This bolts to the bottom side of the trailer frame so it does not interfere with frame-mounted items such as gas tanks, tool boxes, battery boxes, or generators. It's going to come with all of the hardware necessary to get the sway control system installed.

All the hardware for the sway control system is from this point back. It's going to come with these rivet nuts right here. These are designed to only be used on two style frame installations. You may or may not need those depending on your type of trailer frame. Everything you need to get that installed is included and the dual cam sway control really unique system that's designed to correct trailer sway right when it happens.

Get it back in line at all times. Now it's going to feature inaudible 01:48 spring bars. These are hot rolled and tapered for superior strength and flexibility. The bars are going to flex appropriately over uneven terrain which is always going to offer a nice control even ride. The spring bar tension can be adjusted simply by switching the links in the lift chains to fine-tune the system. It does come with a snap-up leaver to help get the lift brackets in place once the chains are connected.

That gives you the proper leverage needed. Goes over that point there and helps you raise us up in position. Then you can lock it in place with the included clip. That also helps reduce the amount of lifting required by the trailer jack. Now these lift brackets are going to take up about five and a half inches along the trailer frame and they will not fit trailer frames wider than two and a half inches. It's going to come to set bolt to get it installed. Clamp-on installation, no drilling required when it comes to lift brackets. Tighten that up until it makes contact with the trailer frame. Give it another quarter of a turn to finish the tightening process. Optional mounts that take up less space on the trailer frame are available. They are sold separately. They are available here at Here at the head assembly, you can get the desired tilt or pitch with the unit. It's going to be achieved using a serrated washer design so no more piling on washers after washers to get the tilt or pitch you need for your setup. It's going to use a serrated washer design. What that means is that there's teeth in these washers that grip onto the grooves here on the head assembly. Once you have it adjusted the way you need it, tighten down your hardware, it's going to lock. Those grooves and teeth are going to interlock into place which is going to hold everything tight and secure in position the way you need it for your application. It's a really nice design of the unit. Again, you can get the proper tilt. Also I want to talk about this right here. This is forged raised ball platform on the head. That's going to eliminate the need for a raised hitch ball. It does come with the shank that allows for adjustment. The shank leans from the center of the hitch pinholes to the center of where the balls mounts. That's going to be about fourteen inches. The adjustable shank can be used in a raised or drop positions. The shank is made from a solid steel construction with a durable power coated finish. It's going to last a long time. It's got a highly resistant design especially to rust and corrosion. Very strong, durable, solid steel means that there's no welds on the unit and it's not hollow-shanked. Completely solid. The shank is going to feature a six-hole design that allows for adjusting the head assembly. The distance between the adjustment holes is going to be an inch and a quarter on center. It does come with a hitch pin and clip to get the unit secured and installed inside the hitch. It has too hitch pinholes back here on the back of the shank. You can use whatever one works best for your application. Now when using it in the rise position with the head assembly at the high setting, it's going to give you a maximum rise of about six and a half inches from the inside top edge of the receivers of your hitch to the top of the ball platform. Within the drop position, it's going to give you a maximum drop with the lowest setting at an inch and a quarter. This system does come with everything that you see here on the table. Your hitch ball is sold separately. It's going to require the hitch ball to have an inch and a quarter diameter shank, or you can use the included reducer sleeve to reduce that to a one inch diameter shank. It's also going to come with a shim. This is going to fill the gap right here between the head assembly and the mounting points on the shank. You can use this if needed. It's got the two holes and it allows for the hardware to still pass through. Please keep in mind that dual cam sway control can not be used with surge type trailer brakes or hydraulic breaks and is designed for a class three and class four hitches only. You always want to be sure to maintenance your system according to the included manual and instructions. To make it a little easier there are two oil holes here at the top of the head assembly on this top plate. That's going to allow you to lubricate the upper portion of your inaudible 05:43 bars. That's going to do it for today's look at the Reese Straight-Line Weight Distribution system with the dual cam sway control.

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Jeremy B.

How far will the Reese RP66082 the ball in the lowest position from the hitch sleeve?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Rachael H.

The maximum drop of this weight distribution system is 1-1/4 inches from the top of the receiver opening. You can find this specification and other details on the product page found linked below.

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