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Rhino Rack Roof Rack - Crossbars - RREB118B Review

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Review of Rhino Rack Roof Rack RREB118B

Speaker 1: Today we're looking at the Rhino-Rack Eurobar crossbars. The euro style steel crossbars simply let you build an after-market roof rack for your vehicle. These are designed to be paired with vinyl rack legs, leg adapters, and a fit kit, to create a complete roof rack system. Now all of those items are sold separately, and can be found at These are full length bars, which maximize space for clamp-on carriers, and accessories, or carriers and accessories that strap around the bar. Now, the full length design means that these actually will extend past the footpacks, which allows you to have more room for carrying your cargo and your gear.Again, like I mentioned earlier, these are a durable steel construction, so the steel crossbars are very strong.

Each bar has a black powder coated finish on it to resist rust and corrosion. On the ends, it comes with end caps, so we have one end cap, per end, per bar, so two bars, total of four end caps. But they do come with the end caps, which help keep water and debris out of the bars, so that way they don't rust or corrode.Take a look at the bottom side. On each end of the bar, we have a bottom channel that allows easy installation to Rhino Rack roof legs. These plastic pieces right here, these are rulers, so there's rulers in the channels which are designed to help center the cross bar on your roof, and ensure proper foot pack placement.

The roller can actually be cut and used to fill the space around the foot pack, which will help wind noise as you travel down the road. Again, with this part number, you get two cross bars. The bars are available in a variety of lengths. You can view all of those at Each part number will come with two bars.

They are available in 42, 46, 50, 54 and 59 inch lengths. Each bar has a width measurement of an inch and a quarter, and a thickness or height measurement of 13/16 of an inch tall.And that's going to do it for today's look at the Rhino-Rack Eurobar crossbars.