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Review of Rhino Rack Roof Rack - Retrax XR Tonneau Covers - RRVA180B-RRRLT600

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Rhino Rack Roof Rack - Retrax XR Tonneau Covers - RRVA180B-RRRLT600 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Rhino-Racks Vortex Cross Bar System for the Retracts XR Series Tunnel Covers. This is a unique system in that it gives you access to not only your tunnel cover, but it'll also give you some space to put some items above that tunnel cover while you're using it. The Retracts XR Series has a tunnel that our feet will fit into. Now that retracts tunnel cover is sold separately. You can find a lot of fits here at if you don't already have one, but if you do, this is just going to mount up to those channels that are already installed on your truck bed and allow you to have a little bit more usable space on top of that tunnel cover.So we'll get our two 71 inch long crossbars from Rhino-Rack. They're just the same as those Vortex Aero Crossbars that we've come to know and love for our roof rack systems.

Now whenever you get it in the mail, all the weather stripping is going to be inside that bar. So you can see we'll have these little slots on the end, these little strips. That's going to be what actually goes underneath to take up the gap there and prevent any wind noise and drag from driving us crazy as we're going down the road. So we don't get any howling or whistling there and then if we open up this cap at the end, we can actually find our weather stripping to go on the top.Those caps do lock with the use of this little blue piece. This is the key from Rhino-Rack.

Just turn that and get that to stay in place. With that inside, our extruded aluminum bar will have all of our rubber pieces. So you can tip it up and then shake it out. All of those rubber pieces will fall out and then you can put those in the top. They do come in little segments so you can get them running between your accessories and make it a little bit easier to get everything put in place if you're using the T track up top.Of course any of our accessories that use a strap system can just go right around that Vortex Aero bar and clamp down in place.

The feet are a lightweight . Or they're going to be a very durable, glass reinforced nylon construction so they don't fade or crack over time in the sun. They also give us a little bit of adjustability as far as getting our bars leveled out. It has about a 33 degree range, so we can adjust that to get it leveled out. And this is what they'll actually look like on your retracts crossbars.

This little block is what will slide into the channel with the hardware and then the foot will go on top.If we have our cover taken off, this is what it looks like inside. So we'll have these two little red pieces that will operate the knobs on either side, and that's going to be what actually fits down in place to get everything secured. So if we flip that out, that little peg pops out of place and it'll sit in that channel. Squeeze those together and kind of push in and we can drop it into our foot. So it's really easy to take these on and off. That's one of the really nice things about this system is that the crossbars are very easy to remove whenever we don't want to use them.Whenever you're not using that crossbar, it does come with a little cap to go over those knotting points to keep those clean and free of any debris. And again, whenever we're done using our crossbars, just push in those red tabs, pop that out of place, put the cap over the top and it just snaps down over that foot.So I think this is a really nice system. It's going to let you use your truck and still have kayaks, canoes, lumber, anything that you'd want to be transporting on your tunnel cover or on your crossbar system here, on top of your tunnel cover. So you can store all your sleeping bags, your tools, coolers, and everything inside your truck bed and cover it up with that tunnel cover and keep it safe.So it's going to make the most of your system, make the most of your space in your truck and give you the piece of mind of a really sturdy, very nice, easy to use system from Rhino-Rack. It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. definitely check with your owner's manual and never exceed the manufacturer's recommended weights for that.This is intended for full sized trucks with that Retracts SR Series Tunnel Cover. Again, our crossbar measures 71 inches long. We do get two of those and then it's 3 and an eighth inch wide and 1 and 3/16th inches tall. The height of those legs from that channel to the top of the foot is about 3 inches there, and then that's where our bar will sit on top.It comes with the locks so our covers can be locked in place. Whenever we clip those out and lock it up, something I like about that design too is that this can't lock if these red tabs are pushed in, even if we have only one pushed in, we're just not going to be able to get that cover to close. So that's a nice design there that you always know if the locking cap goes in place, that it's actually secured on the foot. It comes with two keys and all the hardware to get it installed.And that's going to do it for our look at the Rhino-Rack Vortex Crossbar System for the Retracts XR Series Tunnel Cover.

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