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Review of Roadmaster Tow Bar - 6,000 lbs Falcon All Terrain Non-Binding Tow Bar - RM-522

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Roadmaster Tow Bar - 6,000 lbs Falcon All Terrain Non-Binding Tow Bar - RM-522 Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain Non-Binding Tow Bar. This is going to provide the connection between the hitch on your motorhome and the base plate on the front of your vehicle, so that you can safely and securely tow your vehicle behind your motorhome. This is going to slide right into your two inch by two inch trailer hitch receiver on your RV, it is held in place with the standard 5/8 inch diameter pin and clip. This pin and clip could be switched out for a locking pin if you wanna add a little extra security, make sure that your Falcon is gonna stay on your motorhome's hitch, we do have lots of options for those locking pins available here at But this tow bar does have a weight capacity of 6,000 pounds, so it is gonna be great for towing your cars, Jeeps, SUV's, and mid-size trucks, so if you have any of those options, this is gonna do a great job for you.

It is gonna be super easy to hook up to your vehicle when you're ready to hit the road, and also, very easy to disconnect from your towed vehicle once you get to your site. Depending on the kind of base plate you have will determine how to make that connection, so if you have one of the Roadmaster MX, MS, or EZ5 base plates, you can see, all of those options have kinda that U shaped to it with the vertical side plates, and that's going to allow us to hook up to our tow bar just using the included pins here, so very easy to just line up that U base plate shape, past the pin through both sides, and then connect in place like so. If you have the Roadmaster EZ, EZ2, EZ4, classic, or XL base plates, like you see on the screen there, you can see that it's got more of a flat plane face to it, so you will need that Quick Disconnect crossbar assembly. Once you purchase that crossbar separately, it is gonna be super easy, again, to get put in place, and then you'll just slide that crossbar down onto your base plate. Again, super easy to get connected.

This will also work with your Blue Ox base plates, if you have a Blue Ox, you will need the adapter that you see on the screen there, but again, super easy, you'll just switch out the heads here for those adapters, and then it will fit right into the Blue Ox base plates. So several different ways to get this connected, depending on the type of base plate that you have, but once you get it set up the first time, it's gonna be really, really easy to get connected, hit the road, and once you get to your site, disconnect it, and enjoy your vacation or time outdoors. This does have a super large hookup radius, so it can connect at just about any angle, even if your vehicle isn't perfectly lined up behind your RV. So if you have one side that's a little bit closer, you go to hook up the other, it's kind of tilted at an angle away, you still have that extra room that you can reach out, connect to that. Our extending arms are right about 53 1/2 inches from our pin out to about where they're gonna connect to our base plates, and so, that is gonna give us lots of length there.

It does have a self aligning design, so after you get hooked up, you can just go ahead and take off, and it's going to extend the arms out and lock them into place like you saw there, and that's going to ensure that the arms are going to be in a nice, rigid tow-ready position, and once they are locked in place, you'll be ready to go, so you don't have to worry about getting your car perfectly lined up to your RV, it's gonna be very easy to get those extended. And once they are locked out like this, that is gonna provide a nice turning radius, so it's gonna be easier to maneuver and tow our vehicle by having that extra long arm span there to kinda offset the vehicle a little bit farther, so that we're not gonna have to worry about making contact as we're taking tight turns and that sort of thing. This does also have that non-binding design, so that's a really nice feature of this tow bar. One of the common issues that you often find with tow bars is that if you're parked on unlevel surfaces, these arms can be hard to get back in place, but with this non-binding design, you just lift up on this arm here, this little tab, and that's going to allow your arm to slide in, super, super easy, so you don't have to worry about making sure that your vehicle's on level ground to get those arms retracted back in, disconnect everything. This does also have the slot here for your cables, so obviously, your tow bar is just one of the components that you're gonna need to get hooked up when you're flat towing a vehicle.

So your electrical cables can run through the slot here, that's gonna help keep them up off the ground, help protect them. Those cables aren't included, but we do have lots of options available for you here at, you just wanna make sure that if you are planning on using this slot, that your cable is gonna be able to pass through there. So oftentimes, it's one that you would have to assemble yourself afterwards, just kinda put that end cap on there to ensure that it will pass through properly. This is going to secure to your motorhome, very easy to get stored, so if we bring in this arm here, you can see it's got this pivot point that's going to allow it to maneuver as we're turning and that sort of thing, but then it's also got a pivot point further back here that will allow us to raise the arms, so if you can imagine, I've got the shank here installed in the motorhome, so that's gonna be static, we'll be able to raise up our arms like so, then it will lock in place with this tab here, so that it will line up, that tab will slide in, and then you'll be able to keep your arms stored, probably, took them down to the side, which I don't know if I'll be able to do here, oh, there we go, yeah. So you'll tilt it down to the side like that, they do have covers that you can slip over this to help protect it from the elements, but having it locked in place like that, it's gonna make sure that it stays where you want it to, you're not gonna have to worry about it hanging out, taking up a leg room or walking space around your vehicle, so it will be very easy to get connected, and then when you're ready to hook back up to your vehicle, just pull back on that tab, that will release it, and you can extend it back out again. So a really nice option, I know I'm making this look really difficult, but it's just because I don't have it hooked up to a hitch. Once it's on the hitch, that's bearing that weight, it's gonna be super easy to move these arms around and get connected, so don't let my performance here fool you, it is gonna be super convenient for you to get connected to your vehicle. This does have a strong corrosion-resistant material built in, so that the arms are a stainless steel construction, so it's gonna allow for a nice smooth operation. There is a self-lubricated nylon bushing inside here that's going to help eliminate friction between the inner and outer arms, again, for a longer lasting, better functioning system, so this is gonna be a nice, smooth operation for you. It does have a high-tech powder coat finish to help provide additional durability, so it's gonna be long lasting. It does go through FEA testing to guarantee a nice strong finished product, and it is made here in the USA, so you can trust it's made to the high quality standards that we've come to know and trust for products that are made here in the US. So if you are looking to start flat towing, you're wanting to find a good option for you, I'd say this one does have quite a few bells and whistles, there are some others on the market that already come with the cables run through there, so you don't have to worry about putting those in, they might have a higher weight capacity that sort of thing, there are others on the market that also have lights along here to kinda help with visibility, so there are others with a few more bells and whistles, but this one, in my mind, is gonna be a great option for you, that non-binding feature, the long arms, I think it's gonna do a great job. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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