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Review of Roadmaster - Tow Bar Braking Systems - RM-98400

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Roadmaster - Tow Bar Braking Systems - RM-98400 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Roadmaster even brake second vehicle kit. Now this is going to allow you to set up your second vehicle to work with your even brake since you already have that, you like it, how it works and how portable it is. So let's get our second vehicle set up.Now this is going to be for the serial numbers on the even brake that are below 27,496 or two seven, four nine six. If your serial number on your even brake is at that or below, this is going to be a fit for you. But if it's above that number, you'll need the newer version of the second vehicle kit. That part number is RM-98450 so just want to get that out of the way right off the bat.But this is going to come with everything we need to get our second vehicle set up.

We'll have our new breakaway switch and the cable going between that and our RV, so in the case of an accidental disconnect, our even brake will apply the brakes and bring it safely to a stop.We'll have our cable to go in between our breakaway switch and our transmitter. The transmitter's going to connect to our even brake and help us get connected with our RV as well. So if we're in our RV and we want to slow down the towed vehicle, whether it's starting to sway, kind of wag the dog, we can hit the brakes in our RV and apply the brakes in our towed.We'll also have our relay bundle here. This is going to have a little a lot of wiring connections to make. A lot of these are already pre-stripped and connected so that makes it a little easier on you for the install process.We'll have a fuse holder here so we can replace a fuse or tap into that fuse and a 10 amp fuse comes with that.

Whenever you're replacing your fuse tap, you'll want to make sure that the fuse you remove goes in this lower slot and then the new one or the one that you're going to be using for the accessory goes in the top.If this doesn't fit, if you have the smaller version of fuses on your vehicle, your second vehicle, there is a smaller option here. There's a little terminal that you can put straight on the fuse that you remove and it'll go right into the portion there, so that's kind of an alternative style that comes with it.We'll have a hook and loop kit here or a set so you can put that on the back of our transmitter to get it up and out of the way. And then we'll also have a little piece of foam there to protect any of our components that we need to.A detailed set of instructions specifically for installing our second vehicle. So you can see this kit is going to go with the even brake that came with the black cable, not the blue cable. Again, you'll want to refer to the instructions to make sure that this is a fit for you, but if it's below that serial number that I mentioned earlier, 27,496 this will work out for you.We'll get our bolt, grommet and nut, a couple of very small zip ties so you get everything buttoned up, some screws for our transmitter as well, and an additional ring terminal there.So it should be just about anything you need to get this installed.

If you find that you're missing some pieces or you need some additional hardware, you can always check out for any of your towing needs.That's going to do it for our look at the Roadmaster even brake second vehicle kit.

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