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Roadmaster Wiring - Trailer Connectors - RM-910030-6 Review

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Review of Roadmaster Wiring RM-910030-6

Today we're going to take a look at the Roadmaster 6 Wire Trailer and Vehicle End Connectors. Now, these parts will let you create your own cord or replace the damage ends on your Roadmaster 6 wire straight and flexi-coil electrical cords with these 6 pole male and female connectors. Now, one connector, this one right here, will wire to your tow vehicle, has the nice finger pull design to it that will help you to insert it into the socket or remove it from the connector. The other connector, right here, will wire to the vehicle that's being towed. It includes this nice spring-loaded cap that will cover the connector when you pull out the plug, to keep it protected from the elements. Also, on the back, you notice you can pop off this rubber boot and it gives you where your connection points are, so you just wire to these connection points, actually first, you've got to run your wire through here, bring it out, make your connections and then, just slide this up and that will cover it. On your other connector, what you'll want to do is loosen this screw right here, this little Phillips head screw, and this will pop out with your connection points.

Loosen this screw, run your wire through here, make your connection points. Push the connector back in. Put the screw in to attach it down and then tighten this screw and it will hold the wire cord in place so it doesn't pull on there. When you go to connect it then, you just open up your cap, take your connector, push it right in, oop, turn it the other way, and when you push it in, it will plug right in and then, if you notice, there's a little tab right here. That will hold that connector to keep it from being pulled out, and then to remove it, just lift up on the cap and you'll be able to pull, it's a tight connection, pull it right out, just like that. That should do it for the review on the Roadmaster 6 Wire Trailer and Vehicle End Connectors..

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