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SPG Novelty - Gearshift Knob - SPGSGS1001 Review

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Review of SPG Novelty SPGSGS1001

Today we are going to review part number SPGSGS1001, this is a Smith and Wesson pistol grip gear shift knob by SPG novelty, this gear shift knob is designed to look like a 44 magnum grip, it does feature the brands signature protected by and also on the very top it will have the Smith and Wesson 44mag firing pin detail, it does have contoured pistol grip black grip, it is made of a solid metal construction with a silver finish, this will fit on most vehicle center console gear shifts and to have an idea of how to connect to your gear shift take off the cover and it will come with 3 different adapters with different diameters, you will find the one that will fit your size gear shift, slide into the lever and there is 3 set screws that will come with it that will tighten down to hold this gear shift lever to your gear shift. Once that is all tightened down and snug you will just slide-up the sleeve, screw it on and it will give it a finished look, this part does come with a one year limited warranty, this will replace your existing gearshift knob and that should do it for part number SPGSGS1001.

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