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Safety Step RV and Camper Steps - Motorhome - SASA-10C-G Review

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Review of SAFEty Step Enclosed Trailer Parts SASA-10C-G

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number SASA-10C-G this is the safety step adjustable-height folding platform step. Now the step stool is going to give you the extra height you need so you can get into those hard-to-reach areas. This is ideal for any situation where you need that extra step. It can be used for your RV, camper, trailer. It can be used in your kitchen, your garage, the workplace. Wherever it is that you need that extra step, this is going to be a great addition for that purpose. One of the unique features about this step is its got these adjustable leg extensions.

The platform will adjust in half inch increments to give you just the right amount of lift. We can see here, you can see all the slots right here. So it's going to offer 5 slots on each leg. They can be fully removed as well. And that lever's going to automatically snap into place.

Easy operation, just push in on that and then you can adjust it as needed. So really nice design, 5 slots on each leg allows the platform to adjust from 7 inches to 9 inches and you can adjust all of them at the same time if you're working on a level surface. Or if you're on un-level ground, the legs will adjust individually for a level platform even on un-level ground. Another unique thing about these steps is they're going to feature an anti-tip design. That's going to allow you to safely stand anywhere on the platform-whether that's on the corner or the edge or in the center-without the platform being able to tip over. The legs are going to be angled for superior stability and we're going to have the rubber leg tips. These are going to provide increased contact area with the ground and keep the step from sliding around when we're using it. On the top we're going to have non-slip strips on the platform, that's going to ensure solid footing.

So it's all about safety. Another neat thing is that these legs actually fold flat for easy, compact storage. All you've got to do is press in on the detent, it's going to allow them to fold directly under the platform. So just like that nice, simple storage option there. Now with it in that position, if we take a measurement of the collapsed height, measuring from the flat surface to the top of the platform, you will see here that we are looking at pretty close to 4 inches. Now, another thing that I want to show you real quick is we could actually remove these.

And that's going to make for even more compact storage. That's going to drop it down to about 3 inches. So with the leg extensions removed it offers more compact storage and you can actually use the step as a 3-inch-tall mat, if you choose to. Nice and solid in this position. We're going to go ahead and set it back up. That way we can take some more measurements. Now this is made from a sturdy, light-weight aluminum construction. It's only going to weigh about 12 pounds and it's going to offer a weight capacity of 1000 pounds. So it's built for strength and durability but still keeps that light-weight construction and light-weight design. It's going to have the rust-resistant granite powder coat finish. We take a measurement of the platform going this direction, we're looking at about 19 inches. And then front-to-back it's going to measure 14 and a half inches. With it in the retracted position, it's going to give us a height of about 7 inches. I can go and extend these out. Again, they're going to adjust in half inch increments. I'm going to extend them out all the way. And now we should have a platform height measurement of around 9 inches. You can see right there it's right around 9 inches. Again, the step only weighs about 12 pounds and it's going to offer that high weight capacity of 1000 pounds. That's going to do it for today's look at part number SASA-10C-G.

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