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Review of SeaSucker Roof Rack - SEA54FR

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SeaSucker Roof Rack - SEA54FR Review

Michael: Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the SeaSucker Monkey Bar. This is a universal bar that's going to extend the coverage of your vehicle's factory roof rack. It can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle, whether that's your vehicle's roof, or the back glass or the trunk, maybe even the front glass, as long as it's not blocking your view. So it's going to be very versatile, it's going to extend that coverage of your roof rack system. So if you wanted to carry larger items, say maybe skis or surfboards or kayaks, something like that, where it's going to take up more room, you can have an extra bar on your vehicle to make sure that you have a connection point to get that tied down to or supported.

It is going to attach to just about any membrane that is a non porous material.So it's going to include your panoramic roofs, your pop-up campers, and camper shells. It's very easy to switch between vehicles, so if you we're to say, go on a float trip, you have one vehicle that drops you off, you can use this rack on that vehicle, take it off the vehicle, take with you on your float trip, and then put it on your return vehicle so that you have something there to attach your rack to as well. So very easy to install and take off. They do have four of these vacuum cup feet, and these might look like suction cups, but they are far more powerful. They're not even called suction cups, they're vacuum cups, because we have this little nozzle here that is going to suck out all of the air that's inside our rubber cup.

It's going to create a nice vacuum seal, so it's going to be very strong and durable.Don't think of this like your little shower suction cup, or the little toy guns that shoot the suction cups and hold them against the walls. These are not a toy, they are very heavy duty. So all we have to do is push this nozzle until that orange disappears, that's going to be our indicator. And you can see it starting to flatten out now, and then the orange is gone. It's got a nice firm grip on that metal plate there.

This is going to give us 210 pounds of pull strength per foot. So it's going to give us lots of strength there. In order to release it we just pull up on this black tab here at the front, and that's going to release that suction and allow that vacuum to break so that we can take this off.So very easy to attach and remove, but because these are a nice thermal plastic cup, they're not going to cause any scratches or dents to your vehicle surface. So they're going to do a good job of being a great option for a temporary use, and then you're not going to see the damage or anything like you might with some other options out there. So as far as our crossbar here, this is a round aluminum crossbar.

So because of that aluminum construction, it's going to resist rust and corrosion, but they also have a black powder coat finish here. So that's going to increase that corrosion resistance, so it's going to be nice and durable, long lasting. Our overall dimensions, we've got 48 inches long here. So these can be adjusted depending on the size of your roof or wherever you're mounting this. So you can adjust those to your needs.The bar is a one and a quarter inch diameter bar. Now keep in mind a round bar, it's not going to be as aerodynamic as your arrow bars or other options, but it is still going to do a good job. It might just be a little bit noisier for you, but it is going to screw apart, so that we can easily store this, whether it's in our vehicle or in our kayak or raft as we're going down the river. So very easy to disassemble two pieces. So if we want to throw it in our car to keep it safe when we're not around, we can do that. If you we're wanting to leave this on your vehicle, when you're not around, if there is obviously anyone can come up and pull up on that suction cup and remove them. So there are some cable anchors and locking cables available to help deter theft, they'll walk it down to your roof.So if you want to pick those up, they are sold separately, but we do carry them here at So you can find those here on our website. Another add on, you could potentially put here is a crossbar pad or tie down that will allow you to support your kayaks and different things, just create a buffer between the aluminum bar and your surfboards and those sorts of things, or just make it a little bit easier to get those tie down. Again, those are also sold separately. But keep in mind, this is a single bar. So it is going to be more of an add on to your vehicle's factory roof rack. We do also sell a double bar system, so that would be for vehicles that don't have a roof rack already. It's going to give you two bars so that you can carry those rooftop cargo boxes, bicycle racks, surf boards, and all those other accessories.They do have that same technology with the vacuum cup feet, so that they mount into just about any surface and will allow you to easily add and remove those when you need to. So that is an option for you, if you don't already have a roof rack system in place. This is going to come with a one-year from SeaSucker. So within that first year, if you we're to have any problems, you could give us a call and we'd help you out with that. But this is made here in the USA, so you can trust that it's made to the high quality standards that we've come to know and trust for products made here in the U.S. so I don't think you're going to have any problems with it. I think it's going to be a great option for you if you need some extra room on your vehicle to get everything tied down for you. That's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching.