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Review of Seaflo RV Access Doors - Multi-Purpose Access Door - SE36VR

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Seaflo RV Access Doors - Multi-Purpose Access Door - SE36VR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Multi-Purpose Access Door. This is an 18 inch wide by 20 1/2 inch tall ABS plastic access door that will allow for easy, keyless access to a compartment on your boat or RV, so this will work for your control panels, your valve, or wiring compartments, and those sorts of things. This is going to swing open 180 degrees, so it's gonna give you plenty of room to reach your gear, but we do have these dual recessed latches here that will turn independently to ensure that the door is going to be closed. So you can see that turning, so no lock, so it is a little less secure than if you we're to have a lock on there, but it is gonna be a great option if you're not looking for a locked access door just to give you that peace of mind to know that it is going to be sealed, no chance of it flying open and that sort of thing. This is a strong, white ABS plastic construction, so it is gonna resist UV rays, road salts, and acid.

On the top here, this does have a non-skid surface, so if I get this a little bit closer, you might be able to see that better. So that non-skid surface is going to help prevent slipping if you have this installed on your floor, so it'll give you a little bit more traction as you're walking across. This also has a durable, water-resistant synthetic fittings and rubber seals here that are going to help keep the compartment dry, so it's not necessarily waterproof, but it is gonna be water-resistant, it's got some lips here to ensure that if you do have it closed properly, water shouldn't be able to get in there and cause any issues. This is gonna have a nice, low-profile mount, so it is going to mount nearly flushed, you are gonna have about half of an inch from the mounting surface up, but you can see it is tapered around the side, so very easy to slide your foot over if this is mounted on the floor. Few measurements I do wanna give you, so our external width here, we're looking at just over 18 inches, we'll call it 18 1/8 of an inch wide by 20 1/2 of an inch tall, and that is for our exterior door portion here.

As far as our opening goes, we're looking at 15 inches wide by just over 17 inches, call it 17 1/8 of an inch tall. So if you are looking for a multi-purpose access door for your compartments on your RV or boat, I think this is gonna do a great job for you. This is obviously a white color, so it is going to integrate well into your white applications. We do also have a black version of this, it's the exact same dimensions, materials, and whatnot, it's just a black color, so if that works better for you, I would encourage you to check that out here at But overall, great option here to seal up that compartment to make sure that it's going to be protected from the elements and that sort of thing.

So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching..

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